Tim Hillel research projects

This page reports only the academic work registered in the databases of the Transport and Mobility Laboratory, and is not necessarily a comprehensive list of the work by Tim Hillel.

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OrgVisionPro: Automated organizational design and optimization
Sponsor: Commission pour la technologie et de l'innovation, Office Fédéral de la formation professionnelle et de la technologie.
Team: Michel Bierlaire (PI), Tim Hillel (PM), Melvin Wong, Rico Krueger
Period: October 01, 2019-April 01, 2021
This Innovation is an advanced analytics algorithms to propose organization design (OD) scenarios based on the existing situation, constraints, and future needs of a business. These scenarios will support organizations in shaping their future by optimizing their structure and operating models.
Sponsor: Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)
Team: Michel Bierlaire (PI), Tim Hillel (PM), Janody Pougala
Period: March 01, 2019-March 01, 2020
This research project aims to update and improve the microscopic activity-based demand model developed and maintained by SBB. Specifically the research intends to address the following questions: 1. Ownership of mobility instruments: Which metrics and specifications can be added to the current model, in order to improve its ability to forecast mid-and long-term ownership of mobility instruments? More specifically, how can the notion of accessibility be integrated to the current model to capture more complex mode interactions? 2. Mode choice model: Can a tour-based approach be used to model mode choice? In addition, how can the processes to estimate destination and mode choice (currently nested) be combined to generate results that are consistent with observed mobility behaviors at different time horizons (short, mid, and long-term)? 3. Tour and activity generation: How can the generation of tours and activity patterns be combined to allow modelling of joint decisions?
Tim Hillel