Transport and Mobility Laboratory: Completed semester projects


The following semester projects have been completed. We report here the title of the project, the name of the student who completed it, and the date of completion.

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A computational comparison of open-source branch-and-price solvers Jules Schneuwly June 21, 2024
Solve the problem of the EPFL campus in MOBi, Anne-Valérie Preto (SGC)June 09, 2024
Construction of an Itinerary Optimization Algorithm for a Trip Planning App Gabriel André Veigas MarquesJune 07, 2024
Comparative analysis of discrete choice models estimation using different software packages Alexia Stephanie Liviana ParatteMay 31, 2024
Improving the specification of migration aspiration discrete choice models via attitudinal variables Anne-Valérie Preto (SGC)May 31, 2024
Comparison of different methodologies for interpolating traffic count data Mya Jamal Lahjouji (SGC)May 31, 2024
Investigating latent behaviour in multiday activity scheduling Honoka ShiraiJanuary 15, 2024
Modeling Individual Activity Schedules and Behavior Changes in COVID-19 Using Metaheuristic Optimization Pierre Alexis HellichJanuary 15, 2024
Generating a synthetic population with health and COVID-19 information Aline JanvierJanuary 15, 2024
A detailed evaluation of the Via Sicura program Mya Jamal Lahjouji (SGC)June 07, 2023
Predicting activity schedules of the population considering non-pharmaceutical interventions Arthur NussbaumerJune 03, 2023
Targeting population to evaluate COVID-19 strategies based on activity-travel behavior. Antoine Goupil De BouilléJune 03, 2023
Optimisation et Déploiement d’une méthode de calculation au sein d’un groupe actif dans le second œuvre Thomas PoulainJune 02, 2023
Synthetic generation of activity motifs Bochud Quentin Philippe (SGC)January 27, 2023
Modelling migration intentions worldwide Hilda Abigél Horváth (SMA)January 27, 2023
Comparison of machine learning techniques for synthetic activity generation Xinling Li (SGC)January 27, 2023
Scenario generation for the multi-agent transport simulation toolkit, MATSim Anne-Valerie Preto (SGC)January 27, 2023
A model to capture ride-sharing behavior within the agents in a household Mya Jamal Lahjouji (SGC)January 07, 2023
Optimisation et Déploiement d’une méthode de calculation au sein d’un groupe actif dans le second œuvre Bastien Sauve (SGC)December 23, 2022
Heuristic applications for rebalancing operations in one-way car sharing systems Miguel Chastre RodriguesSeptember 30, 2022
Divide and conquer one-step simulator for synthetic household generation Xinling Li (SGC)September 15, 2022
Modeling congestion in a competitive Facility Location Problem Louise LallemandAugust 26, 2022
Comparing rebalancing operations in car sharing systems Xinling Li (SGC)July 08, 2022
A discrete choice model to capture the relationship between activity type-location-modality choice of individuals Jingran Su (SGC)June 10, 2022
A comparitive analysis of optimization algorithms for activity-based applications Luca Bataillard (SIN)June 10, 2022
Road sections clustering Salim Benchelabi (SMA)June 07, 2022
Studying socio-economic variables through the different waves of SARS-CoV-2 Clément DauvilliersJune 03, 2022
Drawing infection probabilities based on socio-economic characteristics using ML Causal Inference Mathias NurisFebruary 04, 2022
Drawing infection probabilities based on socio-economic characteristics using ML Causal Inference Hannah GelblatFebruary 04, 2022
Optimal strategy for a multi-vendor, multi-buyer reverse logistics supply chain framework Olivier Laferrère (SMT)January 31, 2022
Adding an Epidemiological penalty in MATSim to study the impact of SARS-CoV-2 in mobility Florent Zolliker (SMA)January 31, 2022
Classification of ordinal outcomes for the analysis of injury severity using machine learning methods (ML for Science CS-433) Hilda Abigél Horváth, Julian Paul Schnitzler, Artur Andrzej Stefaniuk (SSC)December 23, 2021
Modeling Geneva's public transport network following disruption events Nicolas Richter (SGC)July 09, 2021
Designing and implementing rebalancing operations in car sharing systems using MATSim Alfio Simone Mosset (SGC)July 09, 2021
Application of sustainable reverse logistics in optimization of last-mile delivery systems Jacques RoitelJune 30, 2021
Matrix factorisation methods Ambroise FavreJune 30, 2021
MoonVR Lucas StraussJune 13, 2021
How to assess synthetic data? Romain Palazzo (SMA)June 13, 2021
Designing a MATSIM environment to study the impact of SARS-CoV-2 in mobility Antoine CrettenandJune 11, 2021
Road Safety: Investigating the Role of Latent Behaviors in Injury Severity Daniela Spadaro (SMA)June 07, 2021
Designing a MATSIM environment to study the impact of SARS-CoV-2 in mobility Chantal Gressier (SMA)June 03, 2021
The railway timetable rescheduling problem Benoit Pahud (SGC)February 19, 2021
Generating choice sets of destinations for activity based applications Nicolas Salvadé (SGC)January 29, 2021
Generating choice sets of transport modes for activity based applications Benoit Pahud (SGC)January 29, 2021
Road maintenance management optimisation Carole Baslé (SGC)January 29, 2021
Designing a MATSim environment for a vehicle sharing system as a transport mode Paula Vogg (SGC)January 29, 2021
Schedule repair in liner shipping Benoit Pahud (SGC)January 29, 2021
Analyzing Machine learning regularization methods in travel mode choice prediction (ML for Science CS-433) Simon Dayer, Arnaud Guibbert, Khalil Merzouk (SSC)December 17, 2020
Optimizing Organizational Chart using local search method Hugo BocquetJune 30, 2020
Enhancing the Serial Estimation of Discrete Choice Models Sequences Youssef Kitane (SGC)June 22, 2020
Optimal regulation of oligopolistic markets with discrete choice models of demand Elodie Duliscouet, Paulin Raison, Yahya Basiouny (SGM)June 12, 2020
Robust routing and scheduling in liner shipping Yannis Voet (SGC)June 12, 2020
Bayesian analysis of multinomial discrete choice model with t-distributed kernel errors Thomas GasosJune 09, 2020
Welfare-maximizing design of a transportation system Benjamin Nicolas--NoirMay 29, 2020
Tour-based mode choice modelling Adrien Nicolet (SGC)January 31, 2020
Analysis of the value of demand forecasting within vehicle sharing systems Jasso Espadaler (SGC)January 31, 2020
Investigating daily activity patterns Sergey Gasparovich (SGC)January 31, 2020
Risk assessment of pedestrian crossings Adrien Nicolet (SIN)January 31, 2020
Estimation of Discrete Choice Models using HAMABS 2.0 Linah Charif (SGC)December 20, 2019
Calibrating pedestrian control strategies. Léopold Bouraux (SIN)June 30, 2019
Demand forecasting for a novel transportation mode Denis Steffen (SMA)June 30, 2019
Disruption-caused railway timetable rescheduling problem and its solution Oliver Mathias BuschorJune 21, 2019
Passenger satisfaction maximization under budget constraints Tatiana Moavensadeh-GhasnaviJune 03, 2019
Location choice equilibrium - pedestrian demand analysis at EPFL campus Tianyang Dong (SMA)June 03, 2019
Passage au 1/4h de l'exploitation du FMA Félix Boesch (SGC)January 31, 2019
Exploitation optimale de la ligne à voie métrique des TPF Palézieux-Bulle- Montbovon Fabien Jacot-Descombes Jonas Gschwend (SGC)January 31, 2019
Variantes d'horaires sur la tangentielle Nantes-Lyon Axel Valentin Gabriel Curis (SGC)January 31, 2019
Formulating and solving a dial-a-ride problem Rym Karime (SGC)January 31, 2019
Dynamic optimization of self-service vehicles Mohamed Detsouli (SGC)January 31, 2019
Railway infrastructure maintenance Ludovica Sessa and Robert Abboud (SMGT)January 31, 2019
Optimal taxi charging decision given the real-time charging station and taxi states and future uncertainties Julien Johan Haan (Section of GC), Loic Senser (Section of MTE) (SGC)January 25, 2019
Towards a techno-economic evaluation framework for regional train propulsion architectures Florian MuellerJanuary 22, 2019
Locating charging station for electric taxis Oliver Mathias Buschor, Younes BensaidDecember 21, 2018
Goodness of fit in DCMs Jessica Hopkins (SMA)December 21, 2018
Optimization of school accessibility in developing countries Yassine El Ouazzani, Oliver Mathias Buschor (SGC)December 21, 2018
Sustainable & intelligent transportation evaluation and plan David GunterJuly 20, 2018
Cost Reduction Uisng Passenger Centric Timetabling Robert Abboud (SMGT)June 29, 2018
Design of a stated-preferences survey for a high-speed vacuum transportation mode Thibaut Richard et Martí Montesinos FerrerJune 20, 2018
A solution approach for the Multicommodity Flow Problem within rail freight transportation Nicolas Pradignac (SIN)June 19, 2018
Modelling competition in demand-based optimization models Charlotte Darné (SMA)June 19, 2018
Development of a heuristic algorithm for a hub location problem Thibaut Guillaume Marie RichardJune 19, 2018
Safer schools thanks to an improved transport access in developing countries Zora OswaldJune 16, 2018
Augmentation de la réserve de capacité m1 des TL par actions limitées au matériel roulant David Moy de Vitry (SGC)June 08, 2018
Offre nationale ferroviaire 2035 avec tronçons SwissMetro Lauriane Masson (SGC)June 08, 2018
Building offline and online optimization algorithms for dispatchment of teams at Nez Rouge. Colin DucommunJune 08, 2018
Conduite Automatique des Trains entre Neuchâtel et La Chaux-de-Fonds Guillaume Sauvin (SGC)June 08, 2018
Offre nationale ferroviaire 2035 avec un tronçon SwissMetro Lauriane Masson (SGC)June 08, 2018
Usage d'un sous-cantonnement pour densifier la circulation aux abords d'un noeud ferroviaire important Cloé LafayeJune 08, 2018
Qualité de l'offre nationale des projets d'horaire EA2030 et EA2035 Zora Oswald (SGC)June 08, 2018
Automatic utility specification using machine learning techniques Nicola OrtelliJune 08, 2018
On the optimization of CAPEX and OPEX for the design of a full electric large capacity urban bus system Guillaume Mollard (CSE)January 31, 2018
Integrating demand and supply in the context of airlines Thibaut Richard et Gabriel Curis (SGC)January 24, 2018
Infrastructure ferroviaire entre Lausanne et Genève à l'horizon 2030 Cloé Lafaye et Julien Thiriot (SGC)January 12, 2018
Mobilité lors des JO d’hiver et perspectives pour Sion 2026 Clément Sintes (SGC)January 12, 2018
Aménagements futurs du complexe ferroviaire de Clermont-Ferrand Axel Valentin (SGC)January 12, 2018
Offre 2030 entre Berne et Lausanne répondant aux attentes des cantons (BE, FR et VD) Benoît Corday (SGC)January 12, 2018
From public transport vehicles to pedestrian flows. Rodolphe FarrandoJanuary 12, 2018
Analysis of pedestrian group behavior based on tracking data and pattern recognition methods Montesinos Ferrer MartíDecember 22, 2017
Alternative activity pattern generation for stated preference surveys Nicola Marco Ortelli (SGC)December 22, 2017
Identifying the objectives of car drivers route choice behavior Nicola Marco OrtelliDecember 22, 2017
Modeling purchases of new cars for 2015: a comparison between countries Martí Montesinos (SGC)June 19, 2017
Planning of feeding station installment for a full electric large capacity urban bus system Adrien Ruault (SIN)June 16, 2017
Speed profile of an innovative catenary-free electric bus Valentin Axel Olivier & Nicolet Adrien (SGC)June 16, 2017
Organisation de l’amélioration de la performance de l’offre ferroviaire dans les métropoles d’Auvergne Rhône Alpes: Retour d’expérience du nœud ferroviaire lyonnais et enseignements à tirer pour les autres métropoles Jean-Baptiste Landes (SGC)June 09, 2017
Modeling public transport transfers in the “new” Lausanne train station José Ramón RodriguezJune 02, 2017
Emotions and risky discrete choices Le Sueur Cécile Christianne Anny Déborah Suzanne (SMA)June 02, 2017
Building an integrated model for modelling pedestrian movements inside hubs Charles JeanbartJune 02, 2017
Models for pedestrian movements based on integrated and sequential clustering Konde Romain Olivier BondoJune 02, 2017
Investigating the role of attitudes in the purchase of new cars Nicola OrtelliJanuary 23, 2017
Régulation de vitesse par la signalisation pour garantir un croisement actif Benoît Corday Marc ZimmermannJanuary 13, 2017
Mobilité Rail+Bus 2020 dans les Alpes vaudoises David Moy de Vitry Jean-Baptiste LandesJanuary 13, 2017
Price of anarchy in public transit networks Marc-Edouard Schultheiss (SGC)December 23, 2016
Accounting for dynamics in pedestrian multi-class speed-density relationship Marc-Edouard Schultheiss (SGC)December 23, 2016
Passengers' connection time preferences in airline itinerary choice Elisabeth Zbinden (SGC)December 23, 2016
Pricing and capacity allocation strategies for a demand-based revenues maximization problem Jonathan Lachkar (SGC)December 23, 2016
Demand based rolling stock allocation Salma Derouiche (SIN)December 23, 2016
Energy consumption of an innovative catenary-free electric bus Xiaoran YuDecember 23, 2016
Generalization and policy analysis for a rich inventory routing problem Prisca Aeby (SIN)December 23, 2016
4. Modeling Route Choice in Quebec City Using Mental Representations Mathieu PlourdeDecember 23, 2016
Grandes mobilités réversibles. Approche par la modélisation dynamique de choix discrets. Alexis GumyDecember 23, 2016
Measure of user-oriented service variability in hubs Anouk Allenspach and Dieynaba Dia (SGC)December 23, 2016
Étude détaillée des contours de référence ferroviaires et dérogations Martin Ellwanger (SGC)December 23, 2016
Une modélisation de la grande mobilité Pauline HosotteDecember 23, 2016
Modeling evolution of sales of alternative fuel vehicles in Europe Christophe Paillard (SMA)June 17, 2016
Traffic simulation model of an innovative catenary-free electric bus Romain Meyer (SGC)June 17, 2016
Solar Decathlon: strategies for a sustainable mobility to achieve the goal of a 2000-Watt society Charles Albert Jeanbart (SGC)June 17, 2016
Analysis of External Effects on Cyclicity in Passenger Railway Service Lucia Montero (CSE)June 17, 2016
Modeling route choice in Québec using mental representations Mathieu PlourdeJune 03, 2016
Strategic Energy Planning under Uncertainty Cyprien Say (SGC)June 01, 2016
Online estimation of pedestrian origin-destination demand in train stations using Kalman Filtering Marc Solsona Bernet (SGC)January 30, 2016
Specification testing of fundamental diagrams for an anisotropic pedestrian network loading model Joel Mateus Fonseca (SSC)January 30, 2016
Hedonic pricing of car attributes: a comparison across European countries Anna-Katharina Clodong (SGC)January 30, 2016
Accelerating moving walkways as a transport mode of the future: system optimization and management Alexandre PetitJanuary 15, 2016
Development of an aggregate route choice model for a big network Arriagada Diego AlexandreJune 19, 2015
Pedestrian movement in train stations: modeling speed-density relationship for different classes of passengers Laure Emma RosineJune 19, 2015
Development of a novel pedestrian walking model applicable to congested flows Gael LEDERREYJune 19, 2015
Implementation of a futuristic transport system based on accelerated moving walkways: optimization on a real case study Raphaël Luthi (SSIE)May 29, 2015
Routing of a mixed fleet of electric and diesel trucks: Analysis of solution approaches Noortje Verstegen (SIN)May 29, 2015
Planning tool for the admission of medical graduates into the Otolaryngology training program in the CHUV Guillaume LopezJanuary 15, 2015
Accounting for attitudes in modeling demand for electric vehicles Maurin Baillif (SGC)December 19, 2014
A destination choice model for EPFL Campus Loïc Tinguely (SGC)December 19, 2014
Routing of a mixed fleet of electric and internal combustion trucks Thomas Cibils (SMGT)December 19, 2014
3D routing approach for air navigation planning for small sized planes Jamal El Rhazi (SGC)December 19, 2014
Development and Implementation of a Decision Making Tool in Quality Control Networks using Quantitative System Modeling Techniques Pierre Jullien de Pommerol (SGC)July 18, 2014
Optimisation of the network design of a futuristic transport system based on moving walkways Guillaume LopezMay 30, 2014
Train Management in SNCF Application Cao Huu-Ân (CSE)May 30, 2014
A two-step approach for estimating pedestrian demand in a congested network Eduard Rojas (SIN)May 30, 2014
Schedule-based estimation of pedestrian travel demand within a quasi-uncongested railway station Quentin Mazars-Simon (SSC)January 31, 2014
Demand/supply coupling in pedestrian traffic estimation Jérémy Rabasco (CSE)January 31, 2014
Optimisation des tournées de ramassage des employés de l'aéroport de Genève (Pre-Project) Isabel Tovar (SGC)January 20, 2014
Implementation of Tabu Search in Quality Control Networks Pierre Jullien de Pomerol (SGC)January 20, 2014
Identify User’s Locations of Interest from Smartphone WiFi Data Amélie Buisson (GC) (SGC)January 17, 2014
Exploration of smartphone users trip data to investigate travel behavior Mikael Nicolas Xavier Friederich (SGC)January 17, 2014
Mode choice analysis from a large smartphone dataset Mikael Nicolas Xavier Friederich (SGC)January 17, 2014
Exploring pedestrian mobility using video tracking data in Lausanne train station Babel Hugo LouisJanuary 17, 2014
Vehicle dispatching problem in physical internet hub and spoke model Alexis Dubil (SGC)January 17, 2014
Vehicle routing problem coupling with bin packing Buytaert Gabrielle (SSC)January 17, 2014
Modeling the demand for financial products Billal Mahoubi (SGC)January 10, 2014
Enhancement of Naville's Press Delivery Regulation Tool: An Exploratory Analysis Lea Kissling (SMA)June 07, 2013
Mobility learning from smartphone WIFI data Amélie Buisson (SGC)June 07, 2013
Optimization of Paris' Metro System Thomas Cibils (SMA)June 07, 2013
Visualization of pedestrian demand in a 3D graph Javier Lopez-Montenegro Ramil (SIN)June 07, 2013
Optimisation des transports scolaires à Grandson II Franka Tholen (SMA)June 07, 2013
Modelling car ownership duration Natalie Sauerwald (SMA)June 07, 2013
Associations generation in synthetic population Paul AndersonJune 07, 2013
Activities in Paléo Music Festival from Bluetooth Elisaveta Kondratieva (SSC)June 07, 2013
Movement patterns of pedestrians on platforms Nicholas Alan MolyneauxMay 31, 2013
Development of a novel pedestrian flow simulator Thomas MühlematterMay 31, 2013
Movement patterns of pedestrians on platforms prior to/after train departures/arrivals in Gare de Lausanne: Exploitation of pedestrian tracking data Isabel TovarJanuary 12, 2013
Dynamic estimation of pedestrian origin-destination within train stations: Exploitation of pedestrian tracking data and comparison to travel surveys Maëlle Zimmermann (SMA)January 12, 2013
Optimisation des transports scolaires à Grandson I Clement Massart (SMA)January 11, 2013
Job Shop Scheduling in a Medical Parts Production Factory Nathan Scheinmann (SMA)January 11, 2013
Robustness and recovery in airline scheduling Jonathan Blaiberg (SGC)January 11, 2013
Process Optimization and School Schedules: New Legistlation, New Constraints Ailin Zhang (SMA)January 11, 2013
Population synthesis for large-scale agent based microsimulation Lovisa ArnessonJanuary 10, 2013
Pedestrian flow simulation in Lausanne train station Nicolas de LamberterieJanuary 10, 2013
Modelling the choice of vehicle in an extended framework Areg Gevorgyan (SMGT)January 07, 2013
Generation and Simulation of MATSim plans for Brussels Sona Hunanyan (SMA)July 30, 2012
Optimizing Security Staff Operations at Geneva Airport MAHMOUD KHAROUFJune 20, 2012
Transportation mode choice models including word data Peng Cui (SMA)June 08, 2012
Tracking Pedestrians with WiFi Traces Yusen Bian (SMA)June 08, 2012
Positioning Clip-Air among other transportation systems as a multi-modal flexible aircraft Jonathan Blaiberg (SGC)June 08, 2012
Sensitivity analysis for a new generation of aircraft: Clip-Air Joseph Abisaleh (SGC)June 08, 2012
Analyse des fréquentations de bus en Suisse Suzy Polka (SSC)February 17, 2012
Mode choice model for the city of Nice My Hang Nguyen (SGC)January 17, 2012
Robustness and Recovery in Berth Allocation Problem Wei Li (SMGT)January 13, 2012
Multi-modal transportation modeling for a new generation of aircraft: Clip-Air Jonathan Blaiberg (SGC)January 13, 2012
Optimizing Train Design in Capacitated Railroads Stefan BinderJanuary 12, 2012
Mobility identification from smartphone GPS data Denis Garcia (SMA)January 11, 2012
Measuring Passenger Satisfaction using AirS@t Survey Lidija Stankovikj (SMA)June 30, 2011
Battery life modelling François Anken (SMA)June 30, 2011
Travel behavior models: an Abu Dhabi case study Laurène Aigrain (SGC)January 30, 2011
Estimation and simulation of bid-auction and choice location models Thibaut Dubernet (SGC)January 20, 2011
The urban development effects of the construction of a metro line Aurélien Odobert (SGC)January 20, 2011
An analysis of a potential implementation and investigation Singapore's road pricing system within the MATSim transportation microsimulation Youssef MezdaniJanuary 20, 2011
Prototype MATSim model for Brussels Sohrab Sahaleh (SGC)January 20, 2011
Quantitative analysis of urban sustainability indicators Timothée Vincent (SGC)January 20, 2011
Optimizing Staffing Plans at Airports François Anken (SMA)January 05, 2011
Analysis of Electric Vehicle Data Parmeet Singh BhatiaJanuary 05, 2011
Integrating the latent attitudes into mode choice Lidija Stankovikj (SMA)January 05, 2011
Integrating demand functions inside optimization model Nancy Moret (SMA)January 05, 2011
Insertion d'un nouveau moyen de transport aérien sur la base d'avions de transport existants Laurene Aigrain & Dethier Daphné (SGC)January 05, 2011
Destination choice models for a free bicycle system Zehra Onen (SMA)June 30, 2010
Simulateur de mouvements de piétons Viljami Laurmaa (SMA)June 20, 2010
Optimisation d'horaires aériens Sezin Afsar (SMA)June 04, 2010
The Tactical Berth Allocation Problem: hierarchical vs integrated models in the context of container terminal operations Luca Furrer (SMA)June 04, 2010
Algorithme de génération de vols de repositionnement pour améliorer la réparation d'un horaire perturbé Sabine Luisier (SMA)June 04, 2010
Visualization of Cell Phone Data on Google Earth Raoul Neu (SIN)January 15, 2010
Testing the algorithm for generating path observation from GPS data Jensen Anders Fjendbo (SGC)January 15, 2010
Modeling the link between transport and land-use with UrbanSim Peter Goodings (SGC)January 15, 2010
Analysis of Transport Mode Choice in Trieste Alexandre Khelifa (SGC)January 15, 2010
Game theory applied to ambush avoidance Peter Goodings Swartz (SGC)January 15, 2010
Modeling the effects of spatio-temporal flexibility in activity scheduling Laetitia Bettex (SGC)January 15, 2010
Un modèle préliminaire d'UrbanSim pour Lausanne Sarah Droz (SGC)January 15, 2010
Mode choice modelling with qualitative aspects inclusions Zehra Onen (SMA)January 10, 2010
Finance and Discrete Choice Models Inès Azaiez (SMA)January 10, 2010
Expérience des moyens de transport et choix modal Seyed Tavakoli (SGC)June 30, 2009
Minimizing risk of ambush for vehicle routes Gaëtan Duyckaerts, Peter Goodings Swartz (SGC)June 19, 2009
Analysis of consumer behaviour in terms of product preference/choice. Aurélie Glerum (SMA)June 12, 2009
Effets sur le trafic d'une nouvelle jonction autoroutière à Chavannes Annie Faniry Andriamanorohasinjafiniarivo Ravalitera (SGC)June 05, 2009
Implementation of attribute processing strategies in advanced discrete choice models Carol Kirchhofer (SMA)February 03, 2009
Extending the framework for MEV discrete choice models Lorenza Santini (SMA)February 03, 2009
Estimation of household location choice models Antonin Danalet (SMA)January 12, 2009
Minimizing risk of vehicle routes in valuables collection from banks Fabrice Piat (SGC)January 11, 2009
Est-il possible de réduire le nombre de panélistes dans une étude DTS (Dominance Temporelle des Sensations) sans altérer la qualité des résultats? Glerum Aurélie (SMA)January 11, 2009
Is it possible to reduce the number of panelists in a TDS (Temporal Dominance of Sensations) study without altering the quality of the results? Aurélie Glérum (SMA)January 06, 2009
La modélisation de transport de la région Lausannoise avec PTV Vision Chen Lu (SSC)July 15, 2008
Déconvolution de signaux géochimiques Gfeller Nicolas (SMA)June 30, 2008
Dynamic Traffic Assignment in Lausanne Vidaud Marine (SGC)June 20, 2008
Development of mode choice models in Trieste Violin Alessia (SMA)June 17, 2008
Optimization of Lausanne's traffic signal timings Yanjun Zhang (SGC)June 06, 2008
Analyse géographique pour l'implémentation d'un prototype de modèle intégré de transport et d'occupation du sol pour la région lausannoise Bettex Laetitia (SGC)May 30, 2008
Déterminer les vols de repositionnements pour un horaire aérien perturbé Karker Amin, Tournier Sebastien (SSC)May 23, 2008
Algorithmes On Line pour le CVRP avec Demandes Aléatoires Boukriba Sami (SSC)May 23, 2008
Calibration of on Integrated Transportation Land-use Model - UrbanSim for Brussels Zemzemi Fatima and Stoitzev Iordanka (SMA)January 18, 2008
Analyse de données requises pour un modèle intégré de Lausanne Maret Jonathan (SGC)January 18, 2008
Dynamic Traffic Assignment in Lausanne (préétude) Vidaud Marine (SGC)January 14, 2008
Modèle de choix discret Weber Caroline (SMA)January 09, 2008
Modèle de classes latentes en analyse de choix discret Kirchhofer Carol (SMA)January 07, 2008
Modèles GEV et MEV Santini Lorenza (SMA)January 07, 2008
Graphical interface for a JAVA simulator Fetiarison Mamy NirinaAugust 31, 2007
A Survey of Active Integrated Land-use Models around the World Vignon Olayitan (SGC)June 29, 2007
Etude du comportement d'achat des consommateurs Alexandre Xavier (SMA)June 29, 2007
Study of Optical Flow techniques for motion estimation in video sequences Epely-Chauvin Gaël (SGC)June 29, 2007
Deadlock detection Anken Nicolas (SMA)June 29, 2007
Simulation of finite capacity queueing networks Meier Pirmin (SMA)February 17, 2007
An Integrated Land Use Model Application to Brussels using UrbanSim Samartzis Lefteris (SMA)February 17, 2007
Analysis of a Recovery Network for an Airline Recovery Method Messina Daniele (SMA)February 16, 2007
Etude des modèles de mouvements de piétons Li Xiangchun (SMA)February 16, 2007
Modèles de choix discret pour la reconnaissance des expressions faciales statiques Danalet Antonin (SMA)February 16, 2007
Validation de modèles de choix de route Anken Nicolas (SMA)February 15, 2006
Detection of behavioral inconsistency in Revealed Preferences surveys Laurence de Torrenté and Ariane Wenger (SMA)February 01, 2006
Detection of behavioral inconsistency in Revealed Preferences surveys Julie Marc (SMA)June 23, 2005
Discrete choice models: development of case studies Frédéric Anken (SMA)June 22, 2005
Different strategies for trust-region size management Emmanuel Leclercq (SMA)June 20, 2005
Stated Preferences Survey for the choice of exchange university Eric Von Aarburg (SMA)June 20, 2005
Analysis of choice sets for route choice models Fortón Garcia VerònicaJune 20, 2005
Deterministic Correction of the Multinomial Logit Model for Route Choice Analysis Regis Céline (SSC)June 20, 2005
Analyse de l'approche sous-réseau pour la modélisation de choix de route Gilliéron Fanny (SMA)June 20, 2005
Utilisation d'un système géographique pour un problème de logistique Emery Sarah and Roth Isabelle (SMA)February 15, 2005
Route Choice Analysis using GPS Data Lindbäck Rolf (SSC)February 15, 2005
Optimisation of the Operating Suit Pivin Edward (SMA)February 15, 2005
Calibration of models for transportation demand in the context of real-time applications Mohamed Rhmari Tlemçani (SSC)June 25, 2004
On the convergence of multi-dimensional filter methods Lionel Dumartheray (SMA)June 23, 2004
Adaptation of GSM for unconstrained nonlinear optimization Anouck Brossard and Sarah Degallier (SMA)June 23, 2004
Identification of Coherent Behavior using Linear Programming Ittig Oliver (SMA)June 20, 2004
Dynamic O-D matrices estimation with iGSM Olivier Grandjean (SMA)February 01, 2004
Testing GSM on unconstrained nonlinear optimization problems Mina Adel Latif (SSC)June 20, 2003
Discrete choice models to capture drivers behavior in response to real-time traffic information Thomas Quentin Maillard (SMA)June 20, 2003
Empirical analysis of the correlation in discrete choice models Steve Salom (SSC)February 01, 2003
Activity organization and ICT Laetitia Bettex (SGC)