Stefano Bortolomiol papers in conference proceedings

This page reports only the academic work registered in the databases of the Transport and Mobility Laboratory, and is not necessarily a comprehensive list of the work by Stefano Bortolomiol.

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Bortolomiol et al., 2019
Bortolomiol, S., Lurkin, V., and Bierlaire, M. (2019). A demand-based optimization approach to find market equilibria in oligopolies . Proceedings of the 19th Swiss Transport Research Conference (STRC) 15-17 May, 2019.
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Bortolomiol et al., 2018
Bortolomiol, S., Lurkin, V., and Bierlaire, M. (2018). Modelling competition in demand-based optimization models . Proceedings of the 18th Swiss Transport Research Conference (STRC) 16-18 May, 2018.
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Stefano Bortolomiol