Mathematical modeling of behavior


Date Topic Type Assignment Files
Sep 20 Choice data and datasets Computer lab None Presentation 1
Instructions 1
data file
Sep 27 Choice theory Exercices None Instructions 2
Oct 4 Introduction to Biogeme Computer lab None
Presentation 3
Instructions 3
First Example
Biogeme syntax
Binary Netherlands
Binary Airline
Binary Optima
Oct 11 Specification and estimation Exercices None Instructions 4
Oct 18 Estimation of logit models Computer lab Receive the project assignment. Instructions 5
MNL Airline
Oct 25 Segmentation and tests Computer lab None Instructions 6
MNL Airline Specifications
Nov 1 Calculating indicators Exercices None Instructions 7
Nov 8 Validation and forecasting Computer lab None Presentation 8
Instructions 8
Case study
Nov 15 Incremental logit Exercices None Instructions 9
Nov 22 Estimation of NL and CNL models Computer lab None Instructions 10
Telephone Services
Nov 29 Sampling Exercices Hand in project by Nov. 29th. Instructions 11
Dec 6 Estimation of mixtures and latent variables models Computer lab None Instructions 12
Case studies
Dec 13 Modeling with latent variables Exercices None Instructions 13
Dec 20 Q & A Review of last year's exam None

Datasets descriptions

Name Description
Transportation Mode Choice in the Netherlands [pdf]
Residential Telephone Services [pdf]
Swissmetro [pdf]
Airline Itinerary Choice (Boeing) [pdf]
Mode choice in Switzerland (Optima) [pdf]


Biogeme official homepage


The exercices and the assignement are organized in groups of 4 people (groups of 3 and 5 will also be accepted). The groups will be determined by yourselves.

The students must hand in one project during the semester.

The following documents must be sent as a single .zip file by email before November 29th :

  • Report of maximum 4 (2 double-sided) pages in PDF format
  • Model specification .py file
  • The excel file you used for the analysis
  • The HTML output file of the results

  • Project files Files
    Optima project []


    Tuesday 08:15-10:00
    Tuesday 10:15-12:00