Mathematical modeling of behavior


Date Topic Type Assignment Files
Sep 18 Choice data and datasets Computer lab (CO021) None Presentation1
Instructions 1
Sep 25 Choice theory Exercices (CE1104) None Instructions 2
Solutions 2
Oct 2 Introduction to Biogeme Computer lab (CO021) None
Instructions 3
Case study 3
Oct 9 Specification and estimation Exercices (CE1104) Receive the project assignment. Instructions 4
Solutions 4
Homework 4
Solution HW 4
Oct 16 Multiple alternatives Computer lab (CO021) None Instructions 5
Case study 5
Oct 23 Multiple alternatives and nested logit Exercices (CE1104) None Instructions 6
Solution 6
Oct. 30 Estimation of NL and CNL models Computer lab (CO021) None Instructions 7
Case study 7
Nov 6 Incremental logit and sampling Exercices (CE1104) None Instructions 8
Solution 8
Homework 8
Solution HW 8
Nov 13 Segmentation and tests Computer lab (CO021) None Instructions 9
Case study 9
Nov 20 Validation and forecasting (1) Computer lab (CO021) None Instructions 10
Case study 10
Nov 27 Validation and forecasting (2) Computer lab (CO021) None Instructions 11
Case study 11
Dec 4 Estimation of mixture models Computer lab (CO021) None Instructions 12
Case study 12
Dec 11 Modeling with latent variables Exercices (CE1104) None Instructions 13
Solution 13
LV model
Dec 18 Q & A Review of last year's exam (CE1104) Submit the project assignment by noon on Dec. 18th.


Datasets and description


Biogeme official homepage

Graded assignment

Students must hand in one project assignment during the semester.

The project assignement is organized in groups of 4 people. The groups will be determined by yourselves. Please send one email per group including the names of the group members to Meritxell Pacheco before October 2nd.

Find here the final group assignment.

Download the project description (common for all groups) and the data file corresponding to your group number optimaDataset_XX.dat.
Project files Files
Optima project description [project_description.pdf]
Data files [optimaDataset_01.dat]
The following documents must be submitted below as a single file before December 18th:

  • Report of maximum 4 (2 double-sided) pages in .pdf format
  • Model specification .py files
  • The .html output files

  • Project submission

    Submit your project assignment as a .zip file here by Dec. 18 at noon.
    Select file to upload:


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