Mathematical modeling of behavior

Using clickers

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In order to have more interactions, we may use a system allowing students to anonymously respond to multiple choice questions.

Please click here for detailed instructions about how to use the application.

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Important: provide the following session id : discretechoice.

Legal aspects

In order to encourage active engagement with the course material, your teachers might use the clicker system offered by a company called Turning Technologies. Clicker votes in class are collected by Turning Technologies and transmitted live to the computer of the teacher. These votes are not used to grade students. You choose whether you wish to use the Turning Technologies website, smartphone app or a hardware clicker. It is essential that if you use the website or the smartphone app, you do so in guest mode (i.e., without providing any identifying information). EPFLs contact with Turning Technologies means that the data produced can only be used for the purpose of promoting active engagement in this class. Turning Technologies has contracted not to re-use this data for any other purpose. If you choose to identify yourself, you do so at your own risk and you then enter into a direct contractual relationship with Turning Technologies over which EPFL has no control. The specific guarantees obtained by the EPFL may no longer apply.


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