Mathematical modeling of behavior

Choice with multiple alternatives

Review the material in the sequence presented below. For each video, the set of slides used during the video is made available for your convenience. The solution of each quiz is provided, but it is highly advised to try to solve it first.

Online material

Derivation of the logit model

The choice set[Video][Slides]
The error term[Video][Slides]
Mathematical derivation of the model[Text]
Note on the scale parameter[Text]

Specification of the deterministic part

Utility function[Video][Slides]
Practice quiz [Quiz][Solution]
Quantitative explanatory variables[Video][Slides]
Practice quiz [Quiz][Solution]
Qualitative explanatory variables[Video][Slides]
Practice quiz [Quiz][Solution]
Nonlinear specifications: data preprocessing[Video][Slides]
Nonlinear specifications: piecewise linear specifications[Video][Slides]
Box-Cox transforms[Video][Slides]
Nonlinear specifications: heterogeneity[Video][Slides]
Nonlinear specifications: heteroscedasticity[Video][Slides]
Practice quiz [Quiz][Solution]
Box-Cox transforms[Text]

Maximum likelihood estimation

Equations and procedure for estimation[Text]


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