Mathematical modeling of behavior


Date Topic Assignment Files
Group assignment (list of groups) NEW VERSION
Sep 15 Introduction None Instructions 1
Example of data and model files
Presentation 1
Sep 22 Biogeme and model specification None Instructions 2
Questions for students 2
Airline Itinerary Choice (Boeing)
Choice-Lab Marketing
Mode Choice (Netherlands)
Residential Telephone Services
Presentation 2
Sep 29 Binary Logit None
Instructions 3
Questions for students 3
Presentation 3
Oct 6 Multinomial Logit You will receive the project assignment. Instructions 4
Questions for students 4
Case study
Oct 13 Non-linearities and tests None Instructions 5
Questions for students 5
Case study
Scientific paper
Oct 20 Segmentation and tests None Instructions 6
Questions for students 6
Case study
Oct 27 Validation None Instructions 7
Questions for students 7
Case study
Nov 3 Forecasting None Instructions 8
Questions for students 8
Case study
Nov 10 Nested Logit and Cross Nested Logit I None Instructions 9
Questions for students 9
Case study Swissmetro
Case study Telephone
Nov 17 Whiteboard exercises (In room CM011) None Exercises
Nov 24 Revision of concepts and work on the assignment Work on assignment
Hand in Friday, Nov. 27th at noon
Questions for students 11
Dec 1 Nested Logit and Cross Nested Logit II None
Dec 8 Mixtures of models None Instructions 13
Questions for students 13
Dec 15 Session for answering questions Review of last year's exam

Data sets descriptions

Name Description
Transportation Mode Choice in the Netherlands [pdf]
Residential Telephone Services [pdf]
Swissmetro [pdf]
Airline Itinerary Choice (Boeing) [pdf]
Mode choice in Switzerland (Optima) [pdf]


Biogeme official homepage
Short introduction to Biogeme
Tutorial Biogeme v1.8


The students must hand in one assignment during the semester.

The exercices and assignement are organized in groups of 3 students. The groups will be determined by the teaching assistants with a random process and communicated via email to enrolled participants. It is compulsory to submit the assignment in order to take the final exam.

The following documents must be sent, as a single .zip file, by email to the assistants before November 27th :

  • Report of maximum 4 (2 double-sided) pages in PDF format
  • Model specification in .mod (text) format
  • The excel file you use for the analysis
  • The HTML output file of the results

  • Project files Files
    Version A (for groups with odd id) [.zip]
    Version B (for groups with even id) [.zip]


    Tuesday 08:15-10:00
    Tuesday 10:15-12:00



    Final exam

    08:15 to 11:15