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The course is organised yearly at EPFL since 2003, with about 20 to 30 participants each year, from various backgrounds, various countries and from different types of organizations, including large and small companies, research institutes and universities.

Selected comments from the participants:

  • I appreciated the course for the ability of the speakers to give an overview both theoretical and practical on the topic, in order to understand the merits and limitations of the various methods and models.I also appreciated the particular emphasis given to the use of knowledge in real applications. Marcionetti Raffaello, EMC Electronic Media Communication SA
  • Very well organized course with theory and applications on Biogeme for a better understanding. Well suited even for those who do not yet have experience in discrete choice analysis. Dina Andriankaja, Cerema
  • Interesting topics, very well-taught lectures, available lecturers, excellent organisation...Probably the best lecture anyone can find on discrete choice analysis. A very useful week! Laure Guiraud, Réseau Ferré de France.
  • Excellent lectures with practical examples and coupled with usefull labs make this course a really good introduction to discrete choice for people from another field of competencies. Emmanuelle Patay, Air Liquide.
  • Excellent way to have a solid background for everybody who deals with discrete choice. Bart Vermeulen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.
  • We end up figuring out how DCA solved most of the classical econometric problems. Additionally, the team has succeeded in the remarkable effort of linking theory and practice. Lucia Helena Salgado e Silva, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • The course is essential for who works with demand analysis. It gives the necessary background with simplicity simplifying the mathematics and statistics that covers the domain. Maisa Sales Gama Tobias, Amazon University, Brazil
  • The lecturers try hard to keep all the complicated aspects fairly simple - so people with different backgrounds can benefit from the course.. K. Ukrainski, University of Tartu, Estonia.
  • A great hands-on course; we end up losing our fears to start running these models. Very handy. E. Fiuza, Ministerio da Justica - Secretaria de Direito Economico, Brazil.
  • A very high level course for becoming a top expert in evaluating market potential of products through DCA. E. Demierre, Swisscom, Switzerland.
  • This course gives a concise and comprehensive introduction to the econometrics of DCA. G. Guidi, Acqiris SA, Switzerland
  • There is only one alternative if you want to improve your topics in DC, follow this DCA course. R. Stoppa, Università della Svizzera Italiana, Switzerland.
  • Among my alternatives available in my choice set, this was the right choice to make. P. Goos, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.
  • The material is highly updated, and the lectures are given by the top people in the area. The structure is very well defined as you start with the theory and the properties and then you proceed to the estimation.
  • Excellent lecturers. Lab sections made the concepts easier to understand. I liked the fact that we received a CD.
  • Very good organization. Good overview over theory and applications of discrete choice.
  • This course is most useful for advanced researchers in the field of Discrete Choice Analysis, not only for its excellence but also because it provides a good platform for exchange among researchers and practitioners from all over the world. Josef Kaenzig, Institute for Economy and the Environment, University of St. Gallen
  • A superb course for anyone who uses discrete choice analysis. Being able to discuss current work with both the lecturers and other students was particularly useful. Nicholas Jones, Steer Davies Gleave
  • Excellent course that connects theory and practical applications. I thought I knew something about discrete choice analysis, after this course, I know a lot more. Benoit Durand, RBB Economics
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