Optimization and Simulation


Date Topic
February 23 Introduction to simulation
Random number generation
Poisson process
March 01 Discrete event simulation
Statistical analysis and bootstrapping
Variance reduction techniques
March 08 Simulation project lab
March 15 Simulation project lab
March 22 Simulation project lab
March 29 No lecture - Spring break
April 05 Presentation of simulation project
April 12 Optimization lecture
April 19 Optimization exercise
April 26 Optimization exercise
May 03 Optimization project lab
May 10 Markov Chain Monte Carlo method
May 17 Optimization project lab
May 24 Optimization project lab
May 31
June 01
Presentation of optimization project
Room GC D0 386


A copy of the slides is available here.




Tuesday 09:15-13:00


CH B3 30

June 01, Presentation of Optimization Project:
GC D0 386