Decomposition for network design


Date Topic
February 17-18 Contents of the course
Notions of LP, MIP and polyhedral theory
Alternatives in MIP modeling
February 24 Network design problems
Multicommodity capacitated network design
Multiperiod capacitated multifacility location
February 25 Introduction to decomposition methods
Cutting-plane and column generation methods
Lagrangian relaxation and Benders decomposition
March 2-10 Classic examples of decomposition methods
Cutting-plane for traveling salesman
Column generation for integer multicommodity flow
Lagrangian relaxation for budget network design
Benders decomposition for uncapacitated facility location
March 16-17 Multicommodity capacitated network design
Multicommodity capacitated fixed-charge network design
Capacity installation multicommodity network design
March 23 Presentations by students
March 24 Exam


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Wednesday 14:15-17:00

Thursday 14:15-17:00