Transport and Mobility Laboratory TRANSP-OR


Directed by Michel Bierlaire, the Transport and Mobility Laboratory is active in modeling, optimization and simulation of transportation systems, with a specific emphasis on the mobility of individuals.

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    Virginie Lurkin wins the Best Presentation Award

    19.05.17 Dr. Virginie Lurkin wins the Best Presentation Award at AGIFORS Scheduling and Strategic Planning Study Group meeting 2017 in San Francisco.

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    Matthieu de Lapparent appointed professor

    18.05.17 Matthieu de Lapparent has been appointed Associate Professor at the School of Business, Management and Finance of Swiss University of Applied Sciences and Arts Vaud, where he will start June, ...

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    Dr. Yousef Maknoon appointed professor at TU Delft

    20.01.17 Yousef Maknoon has been appointed Assistant Professor at Engineering Systems and Services department of the Faculty of Technology, Policy & Management, Delft University of Technology where he will be starting ...


  • Transportation Research
  • Operations Research
  • Discrete Choice Models


Modeling, optimization, simulation


Transport and Mobility Laboratory (TRANSP-OR)

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