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Zhengchao Wang

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Zhengchao Wang

    Book chapters

    • Bierlaire, M., Scarinci, R., Nikolic, M., Oyama, Y., Molyneaux, N., and Wang, Z. (2020). Methodologies for understanding and improving pedestrian mobility. In Ole B. Jensen, Claus Lassen, Vincent Kaufmann, Malene Freudendal-Pedersen, Ida Sofie Gøtzsche Lange (ed) <em>Handbook of Urban Mobilities</em> (ISBN: 9781138482197). Routledge.

          Regular teaching

          Optimization and Simulation
          Year: Spring 2018
          Section(s): Doctoral program in Civil and Environmental Engineering
          Lecturers: Michel Bierlaire, Yuki Oyama, Nikola Obrenovic, Riccardo Scarinci
          Teaching assistant: Gael Lederrey, Zhengchao Wang

          Project supervision

          Semester projects

          • Location choice equilibrium - pedestrian demand analysis at EPFL campus, Tianyang Dong (MA), June 03, 2019
          • Optimal taxi charging decision given the real-time charging station and taxi states and future uncertainties, Julien Johan Haan (Section of GC), Loic Senser (Section of MTE) (GC), January 25, 2019
          • Locating charging station for electric taxis, Oliver Mathias Buschor, Younes Bensaid, December 21, 2018
          • Sustainable & intelligent transportation evaluation and plan, David Gunter, July 20, 2018