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Sohrab Sahaleh

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Sohrab Sahaleh

      Papers in conference proceedings

      • Sahaleh, S., Bierlaire, M., Farooq, B., Danalet, A., and Hänseler, F.S. (2012). Scenario Analysis of Pedestrian Flow in Public Spaces. Proceedings of the 12th Swiss Transport Research Conference (STRC) May 2-4, 2012.

      Technical reports


      Research projects

      Léman 2030: Flux piétons Gare de Lausanne
      Sponsor: Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)
      Team: Michel Bierlaire (PI), Michaël Thémans (PM), Bilal Farooq (PM), Flurin Hänseler, Antonin Danalet, Sohrab Sahaleh
      Period: October 01, 2011-July 15, 2012
      In the framework of a 9-month collaboration with CFF, pedestrian flows in Lausanne train station are estimated and modeled. Specifically, an estimation methodology for pedestrian origin-destination demand is developed and applied to predict a demand scenario for 2030. By means of a pedestrian flow simulator, several infrastructure scenarios are quantitatively evaluated, the result of which helps CFF to design and dimension pedestrian underpasses of Gare de Lausanne for the future.