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Francesco Piu

International journals


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            Research projects

            Robust Optimization of Railway Locomotive Assignment
            Sponsor: Transport and Mobility Laboratory, EPFL
            Team: Michel Bierlaire (PI), Prem Kumar (PM), Francesco Piu
            Period: October 01, 2010-September 30, 2011
            Locomotive assignment at Railway companies is a complex problem that must optimally assign a set of locomotives to known, scheduled trains. Each train has a power and traction requirement and locomotives may be available in groups known as "consist". There is a cost involved in breaking or adding a locomotive to a consist. Determining an optimal locomotive assignment that would also be robust to handle delays, maintenance requirements and other unknown factors is a complex problem. We are inspired from the research in a similar, closely related subject in the airline industry and would explore the possibilities of extending the same to railways. This project would be a part of the larger concept of "Flexible Transportation Systems"

            Regular teaching

            Recherche opérationnelle
            Year: Spring 2011
            Section(s): Civil Engineering, Environmental Sciences and Engineering
            Lecturer: Michel Bierlaire
            Teaching assistant: Mamy Fetiarison, Francesco Piu