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Evangelos Paschalidis

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Evangelos Paschalidis

International journals


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            Research projects

            Migration and Discrete Choice Models (MIGDCM)
            Sponsor: Swiss National Science Foundation
            Team: Michel Bierlaire (PI), Silvia Varotto (PM), Evangelos Paschalidis (PM)
            Period: March 01, 2022-March 31, 2025
            International migration is at the forefront of policy debates in most countries around the world. In industrialized nations, the proportion of foreigners in total population increased from 4.5 to 12 percent between 1960 and 2019, stirring up fears about economic costs for natives, loss of national identity, and integration issues. In poor countries, international migration raises concerns about the brain drain of highly-skilled workers, as college and university graduates have a much greater propensity to emigrate internationally than the less educated. Hence, the questions of how many people migrate (i.e., migration intensity}, which people migrate first or are more likely to migrate (i.e., migrants' selection), and where migrants choose to settle (i.e., migrants' sorting) have been analyzed from all possible angles in recent literature. Specifically, understanding how people revise their decisions about whether to emigrate, and where to, when facing changes in the global environment is of crucial importance for decision-makers.

            Regular teaching

            Mathematical modeling of behavior
            Year: Fall 2023
            Section(s): Mathematics, Master in Financial Engineering
            Lecturer: Michel Bierlaire
            Teaching assistant: Evangelos Paschalidis, Nicola Ortelli, Janody Pougala, Cloe Cortes Balcells
            Decision-aid methodologies in transportation
            Year: Spring 2023
            Section(s): Civil Engineering
            Lecturers: Fabian Torres, Evangelos Paschalidis
            Teaching assistant: Selin Atac, Tom Haering

            Miscellaneous lectures

            Hybrid choice models
            Program: Discrete Choice Analysis: Predicting Individual Behavior and Market Demand, February 01, 2023
            School: EPFL
            Lecturer: Nicola Ortelli
            Assistants: Tom Haering, Evangelos Paschalidis, Janody Pougala
            Logit Mixtures; Combining Data (SP and RP)
            Program: Discrete Choice Analysis: Predicting Individual Behavior and Market Demand, January 31, 2023
            School: EPFL
            Lecturer: Evangelos Paschalidis
            Assistants: Cloe Cortes Balcells, Janody Pougala, Negar Rezvany

            Project supervision

            Semester projects

            • Predicting activity schedules of the population considering non-pharmaceutical interventions, Arthur Nussbaumer, June 03, 2023