TRANSP-OR: Maya Abou Zeid

Maya Abou Zeid

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Maya Abou Zeid

International journals


Total: 1

    Book chapters

    • Abou-Zeid, M., Ben-Akiva, M., Bierlaire, M., Choudhury, C., and Hess, S. (2010). Attitudes and Value of Time Heterogeneity. In Eddy Van de Voorde and Thierry Vanelslander (ed) <em>Applied Transport Economics A Management and Policy Perspective</em> pp.523-545. de boeck.

    Papers in conference proceedings

    • Abou-Zeid, M., Ben-Akiva, M., and Bierlaire, M. (2008). Happiness and travel behavior modification. Proceedings of the European Transport Conference (ETC) October 6-8, 2008, 2008.