Dpt of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Technical University of Lisbon

September 28, 2007, 14:15, Room GC B3 424 (click here for the map)

Applied Transport Research at IST - Lisboa: innovation from the periphery

Prof. José Viegas, Director of research group on Transport Infrastructure, Systems and Policy at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon presents a structured view of the ongoing and recently completed projects in his group, as well as the strategy behind those choices. These projects include some on key aspects of problem formulation and some where the main emphasis is the development, appraisal and possibly demonstration of innovative solutions for relevant contemporary problems, from congestion to emissions or infrastructure financing. The central element of this strategy is to avoid riding the waves of fashion on research done in the more developed countries, and concentrate the efforts instead on the identification of the structural elements in the formation of problems that could be tackled from a new angle. Some interesting examples of real or near-to-real application will be shown, as well as suggestions for deeper collaboration between the Lisbon and Lausanne groups.


[Download the slides here]