Kukic, M., and Bierlaire, M. (2024)

Hybrid Simulator for Projecting Synthetic Households in Unforeseen Events

24th Swiss Transport Research Conference, Ascona, Switzerland

In this paper, we extend the hybrid simulator from the individual to the household level by including a broader set of simulated demographic events affecting households and redefining a resampling procedure using the Gibbs Sampler. Usually, projection methods use historical demographic rates that may not account for sudden events like COVID-19, potentially hindering the accuracy of transportation models that rely on these projections. To test the resilience of projection methods to unforeseen events, we project synthetic samples from 2010 to 2021 using dynamic projection and a hybrid simulator. We test two scenarios based on pre-pandemic and post-pandemic demographic rates using Swiss Mobility and Transport Microcensus data. The results show that the hybrid simulator is more robust and less dependent on rates when it comes to unforeseen events than dynamic projection as it includes an intermediate resampling update that helps reduce the errors of dynamic projection.