Alahi, A., Marimon, D., Bierlaire, M., and Kunt, M. (2008)

A Master-Slave Approach for Object Detection and Matching with Fixed and Mobile Cameras

15th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, San Diego, USA

Typical object detection algorithms on mobile cameras suffer from the lack of a-priori knowledge on the object to be detected. The variability in the shape, pose, color distribution, and behavior affect the robustness of the detection process. In general, such variability is addressed by using a large training data. However, only objects present in the training data can be detected. This paper introduces a vision-based system to address such problem. A master-slave approach is presented where a mobile camera (the slave) can match any object detected by a fixed camera (the master). Features extracted by the master camera are used to detect the object of interest in the slave camera without the use of any training data. A single observation is enough regardless of the changes in illumination, viewpoint, color distribution and image quality. A coarse to fine description of the object is presented built upon image statistics robust to partial occlusions. Qualitative and quantitative results are presented in an indoor and an outdoor urban scene.