Alahi, A., Bierlaire, M., and Kunt, M. (2008)

Object Detection and Matching with Mobile Cameras Collaborating with Fixed Cameras

European Conference on Computer Vision, Marseille, France

A system is presented to detect and match any objects with mobile cameras collaborating with fixed cameras observing the same scene. No training data is needed. Various object descriptors are studied based on grids of region descriptors. Region descriptors such as histograms of oriented gradients and covariance matrices of different set of features are evaluated. A detection and matching approach is presented based on a cascade of descriptors outperforming previous approaches. The object descriptor is robust to any changes in illuminations, viewpoints, color distributions and image quality. Objects with partial occlusion are also detected. The dynamic of the system is taken into consideration to better detect moving objects. Qualitative and quantitative results are presented in indoor and outdoor urban scenes.