Ricard, L., Desaulniers, G., Lodi, A., and Rousseau, L.

Strategies for the electric bus scheduling problem with battery degradation: A stochastic perspective

Speaker: Ricard L�a


October 16, 2023

The battery of battery electric buses (BEBs) constitutes a significant portion of the acquisition cost for new BEBs. Over time, the capacity of lithium-ion batteries gradually diminishes. The aging mechanism of BEBs is notably influenced by the average state of charge (SoC) and the SoC deviation. This presentation introduces a chance-constrained model for addressing the Electric Vehicle Scheduling Problem, which incorporates battery degradation and stochastic energy consumption. The model accounts for the aging mechanisms of the battery by imposing a constraint that ensures the SoC remains above a given threshold with a certain probability. Additionally, we propose a tailored branch-and-price algorithm and provide a numerical case analysis. This analysis yields several valuable managerial insights into effective battery management practices.

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