Prof. Giovanni Righini

Dipartimento di Tecnologie dell'Informazione, Universit´┐Ż degli Studi di Milano

September 21, 2007, 15:00, Room GC B3 424 (click here for the map)

A case study in emergency sytems optimization

The optimization of emergency systems is a challenge for mathematical and statistical methods, both from the viewpoint of model definition and from the viewpoint of algorithms design. In spite of its crucial importance, the optimization of emergency systems has not been so often addressed in a scientific way so far. Therefore it is an open field where Operations Research can provide valuable contributions. In this talk I will present some optimization subproblems arising in the context of a case study concerning the "118 service" in Milan.


Giovanni Righini is associate professor of Operations Research at the Department of Information Technologies of the University of Milan, where he founded the Operations Research Laboratory OptLab. He holds a master degree in Electronic Engineering (1988) and a doctorate in Computer and Automatic Engineering (1993) from the Technical University of Milan. His research activities mainly concern the development of mathematical programming algorithms as well as heuristic and metaheuristic algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems, especially in the field of logistics. He is actively involved in applied research projects funded by public institutions and private companies.