Iliya Markov

Haute �cole de gestion, Geneva

July 11, 2013, 14:15, Room GC B3 424 (click here for the map)

The waste container management problem

An eco-logistical company manages a set of several hundred eco-points, with a number of waste containers at each eco-point. Certain containers from one eco-point may need to be moved to another one or to a repair facility if they have been damaged. Moreover, every container needs to be cleaned on site over a planning horizon. Both problems need to be solved by taking into consideration important constraints such as service/cleaning time at the eco-point and vehicle capacity for the movement problem, so that the tour lengths are minimized as much as possible and their durations respect the driver's daily working time. The container movement problem is solved as a dial-a-ride problem. A genetic algorithm is used to find a good assignment of movements to vehicles. The quality of the assignments is determined by a routing heuristic which considers the specified problem constraints and provides the resulting route's cost. The cleaning problem is solved with minimum changes to the above methodology. The algorithm has been tested on real data and is currently being integrated by the client company. The algorithmic part is complemented by a graphical user interface with route plotting capabilities.


Iliya Markov is an assistant HES at the Haute �cole de gestion, Geneva. He has an MSc in Operational Research with Finance from the University of Edinburgh and a BA in Mathematics and Economics from the American University in Bulgaria. In recent years, Iliya has published several book chapters and journal articles in the fields of finance and optimization. He is currently working in the field of operational research, and in particular vehicle routing, and would like to pursue an academic career in this domain.