Nejc Gerzinic

Delft University of Technology

March 04, 2022, 14:00, Room GC B1 10 (click here for the map)

What is the Role of Ridesourcing / On-Demand Services?

Ridesourcing services (i.e. Uber, Lyft,�), microtransit and flexible public transport (collectively referred to as on-demand services) have come to be a popular transport mode around the world and are becoming increasingly interesting to public transport authorities and policy-makers as an alternative for fixed public transport services in low-demand areas. The main goal of the PhD is to advance the understanding of travellers� preferences, attitudes and perceptions towards flexible on-demand services. Analysing how (1) these services fit in the wider mobility landscape and also how (2) travellers perceive the specific characteristics related to using an on-demand service with no fixed timetable or route, with variable waiting times, travel times and a potential to be denied service. The PhD is part of the larger CriticalMaaS project, investigating the interactions in online market places, focusing specifically on MaaS and Ridesourcing (on-demand) services:


Nejc started working on his doctoral research in March 2019. He holds a Master�s Degree in Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics from Delft University of Technology and a Bachelor�s Degree in Traffic Technology from the University of Ljubljana. His research interests are investigating travel behaviour, discrete choice modelling and market segmentation, in relation to both urban and long-distance travel. He is curious about how to design public transport networks and policies that encourage travellers to choose more sustainable alternatives.