Prof. Bernard Gendron

Universit� de Montr�al

February 26, 2016, 12:15, Room GC B3 30 (click here for the map)

Network Design and Facility Location in Transportation

In this talk, I will give an overview of the applications in transportation of network design and facility location models. In particular, I will present three research projects I am involved in that illustrate typical applications. The first one comes from the forest industry and concerns the location of logging camps for workers. The second one focuses on the location of vehicle inspection facilities, taking into account the allocation of patrols. The third one is a facility location problem for an express package delivery company.


Bernard Gendron is a Professor at the D�partement d'informatique et de recherche op�rationelle, Universit� de Montr�al. He was the Director of CIRRELT, the Interuniversity Research Centre on Enterprise Networks, Logistics and Transportation (2008-2015). His research interests focus on the optimization of logistics and transportation networks. He has held positions of Principal Scientist at ILOG, Paris, and of Visiting Professor at MIT, EPFL, Pisa, Nice-Sophia-Antipolis, Blaise-Pascal, Versailles and Valenciennes. He has served as Chair of the Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS), Chair of the Montreal Chapter of CORS, and Chair of the Section on Transportation Science and Logistics of INFORMS (the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences). He was awarded the CORS Practice Prize (2004), the CORS Service Award (2006) and the CORS Merit Award (2010).