Luca Ferretti

July 28, 2023, 11:00, Room GC B1 10 (click here for the map)

Digital Twin of Space Systems

With increasing congestion of high-value orbit regions, effective and efficient space domain awareness (SDA) is becoming essential. Usual approaches to space situational awareness (SSA) involves application of mathematical techniques to propagate positions of satellites and their orbits to understand their positioning and predict conjunctions/collisions. This project attempts to develop a new wholistic approach to SDA by integrating a systems view. Hereby SDA would be achieved by analysing Space Systems including Space, Ground, User and Launch segments as well as their respective interactions. Subsequently the goal is to utilise multidisciplinary approaches and techniques to understand and predict the complex system that is the near-earth space environment with its satellites. Applications would be the development of models, simulations and algorithms for real-time predictions and control of space systems.