Prof. Moshe Ben-Akiva

Edmund K. Turner Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Director, Intelligent Transportation Systems Lab Massachusetts Institute of Technology

February 09, 2017, 11:00, Room GC B1 10 (click here for the map)

Smart Mobility: Optimization and Behavioral Modeling

Effective Smart Mobility solutions incorporate optimization and behavioral modeling techniques. Real-time optimization provides efficiency while advanced behavioral modeling enables the design of personalized solutions. An app-based behavior laboratory, Future Mobility Sensing, and a computer simulation laboratory, SimMobility, are the two platforms used to design and evaluate Smart Mobility solutions. Four solutions are presented: 1. real-time toll optimization, 2. Autonomous Mobility On-Demand, 3. Flexible Mobility On-Demand, and 4. Tripod, a system of sustainable travel incentives with prediction, optimization and personalization capabilities. Simulation case studies demonstrate their potential benefits. The global long term effects on urban transportation of Smart Mobility, vehicle and fuel technologies, and energy and environmental policies are the subject of future research.


Moshe Ben-Akiva is the Edmund K. Turner Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology. He holds a BSc degree in Civil Engineering from the Technion and MSc and PhD degrees in Transportation Systems from MIT. He received honorary degrees from the University of the Aegean, the Universite Lumiere Lyon, the Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology, and the University of Antwerp. His awards include the Lifetime Achievement Award of the International Association for Travel Behavior Research, the Jules Dupuit prize from the World Conference on Transport Research Society, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ITS Society Outstanding Application Award for DynaMIT, a simulation-based dynamic traffic assignment. Ben-Akiva has coauthored two books, including the textbook Discrete Choice Analysis, and over 200 refereed papers. He has worked as a consultant in industries such as transportation, energy, telecommunications, financial services and marketing.