Saujot, M., de Lapparent, M., Arnaud, E., and Prados, E. (2015)

To make LUTI models operational tools for planning

Land Use and Transport Integrated models (LUTIs) are promising tools for urban planning. Although a large literature is dedicated to these models, little attention has been paid to them as operational tool for planners and few efforts have been made by academics to fill the gap between lab application and operational use for planning practice. We shed light on what would make them accepted and more used by planners to evaluate urban and transport policies. In addition to a literature review and reflection on our own experience, we carried out a survey of end users in France to identify their motivations and barriers to using LUTI models. Our analysis shows a need for a far more bottom-up oriented approach. Only a closer collaboration between modelers and end users, and more efforts to integrate modeling into urban planning will make LUTIs considered as relevant approaches.

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