Rezvany, N., Hillel, T., and Bierlaire, M. (2021)

Integrated models of transport and energy demand: A literature review and framework

Energy and transport demand can both be considered as being derived from an individualís activity participation. As such, both energy and transport demand are inherently linked: completing activities inside the home generates residential energy demand, where completing activities outside the home generates transportation and non-residential energy demand. Whilst there are several works in the literature that focus on either energy or transportation demand, there remain very few studies which explicitly investigate their interaction. To address this need, in this paper we conduct in-depth literature review of transportation and energy demand modeling. The review analyses the methodologies employed within each domain in order to (a) establish the state-of-research for energy demand modeling and (b) identify the suitable opportunities for joining these two domains. Drawing on a review of the current papers, we identify four key areas of practice: (i) activity scheduling, (ii) building energy demand, (iii) transportation energy demand, and (iv) the integration of components. Finally, based on the findings from the review, we propose a new framework for joint building and transportation energy demand modeling at an urban scale.

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