Krueger, R., and Daziano, R. (2021)

Stated choice analysis of preferences for COVID-19 vaccines using the Choquet integral

We investigate preferences for COVID-19 vaccines using data from a stated choice survey conducted in the US in March 2021. To analyse the data, we embed the Choquet integral, a flexible aggregation operator for capturing attribute interactions under monotonicity con- straints, into a mixed logit model. We find that effectiveness is the most important vaccine attribute, followed by risk of severe side effects and protection period. The attribute inter- actions reveal that non-pecuniary vaccine attributes are synergistic. Out-of-pocket costs are independent of effectiveness, incubation period, and mild side effects but exhibit mod- erate synergistic interactions with other attributes. Vaccine adoption is significantly more likely among individuals who identify as male, have obtained a bachelorís degree or a higher level of education, have a high household income, support the democratic party, had COVID-19, got vaccinated against the flu in winter 2020/21, and have an underlying health condition.

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