Workshop on large scale optimization 2012


The large scale optimization workshop is an informal meeting for the exchange of ideas around optimization, with the objective to trigger new collaborations, or strengthen existing ones, and to expose the Swiss PhD students to the international community. The workshop combines a tutorial and scientific presentations. The event is sponsored by the Doctoral Program in Operations Research of the CUSO. Everyone interested is invited to attend. Presentations are upon invitation only. All participants, including speakers, must register (click here). The registration fee (CHF 200) includes the lunches on Wednesday and Thursday, the dinner on Wednesday and coffee breaks. The fee is waived for the participants affiliated with the CUSO, and PhD students from Swiss universities.


Dr. Matteo Salani, IDSIA, Dalle Molle Institute For Artificial Intelligence.
Tutorial on Column Generation: theory and applications
Recently, in the context of exact solution of large scale combinatorial problems, Column Generation based methods proved their effectiveness. In this tutorial the basic theory of Column Generation and its use in practical applications are addressed. We provide the motivations to consider extended formulations to solve large scale combinatorial problems and understand how the process of delayed column generation is used to solve to optimality these formulations. A dual view of Column Generation is provided. As in most of the algorithms for large scale optimization the implementation plays a fundamental role, we dedicate part of this tutorial to some best practices to obtain a functioning code based on column generation.


Wednesday, Nov. 21 morning Tutorial on column generation by Dr. Matteo Salani
Wednesday, Nov. 21 afternoon - Thursday Nov. 22 morning Presentations (program here)


It is recommended to book a room at the Hotel de Famille. Mention the code "EPFL" if you register online or by email. The hotel may ask you a credit card number as deposit guarantee.

For participants belonging to the CUSO, the rooms will be booked directly by the organizers.


The hotel is within walking distance of the Vevey train station. See its localization on Google Maps. See the webpage of the Swiss Railways for the train schedule.


November 21-22, 2012


Hotel de Famille, Vevey


CHF 200 (except for researchers affiliated with the CUSO and PhD students from Swiss universities.)


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