1. Modeling passenger behavior in a competitive railway market with respect to the train timetable
Responsable(s) :
Robenek, Anna Fernandez Antolin, Michel Bierlaire
Description :
The aim of this project is to analyze the effects of the passenger behavior on a railway company's revenues in competitive market settings. The student will be provided with an optimization framework coded in Java, which designs a train timetable based on a passenger forecast. The base forecast is predicted with a logit model that contains a basic utility function. The student's task then will be to design and to test: - Additional components of the utility function - Additional models (mainly nested logit) - Heterogeneity of the demant (including case scenarios) - Pricing policies
Collaboration with:
Type :
semester project
Pré-requis :
programming (loops, conditions, collections, threads), operations research, discrete choice theory
Submitted on :
August 18, 2016