3. Traffic simulation model of an innovative catenary-free electric bus
Responsable(s) :
Riccardo Scarinci, Yousef Maknoon, Michel Bierlaire
Description :
Electric busses help to decrease pollution in city centers. However, they need to be constantly attached to a power source. This limits their mobility and brings visual pollution due to continuous catenaries throughout the city. Focus of this project is a revolutionary catenaryfree electrical bus that includes short-range on-board batteries and a series of fast charging stations installed at some bus stops capable to charge the bus batteries in a few seconds without interference with the bus schedules. This project aims to develop a traffic simulation of this electric bus moving on a simple road network. A discrete event simulation representing the fundamental components of the system (e.g. bus, passengers load, on-board battery, charging station, storage level) should be developed, calibrated and validated using traffic data (such as number passengers on board, traffic and congestion information). Then, key indexes representing the system performance should be defined (e.g. travel time, dwell time, battery charge level). Methodologies from transportation modelling, simulation and programming (Java) will be used for completing this project.
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Type :
semester project
Submitted on :
August 18, 2016