From public transport vehicles to pedestrian flows.
Responsable(s) :
Nicholas Molyneaux, Gael Lederrey, Michel Bierlaire
Description :
The objective of this semester project is to extend the notion of "train induced flows" to other modes of public transport. When public transport vehicles arrive in the station, many passengers disembark. From the infrastructure's point-of-view, there is a flow of pedestrians arriving. The characteristics of such flows depend on the vehicle's characteristics (door width for example) and the characteristics of the infrastructure (width of the corridors for example). The student will explore the different interactions and characterize the different flows by using models similar to the "train induced flows" model, already published. The specifications will be different based on the various modes and platform setups. The second objective is to explore the feasibility of using a Poisson distribution to model the pedestrians arriving onto platforms. Similarly to alighting flows, different configurations can lead to different model specifications. The student will start by exploring the literature then, based on the pre-existing models, some new formulations can be proposed. Data is available for calibration of pedestrian flows boarding trains. Synthetic data can be used for the calibration of other models. This project can be done during the spring 2018 semester.
Collaboration with:
Type :
semester project
Pré-requis :
Programming knowledge, preferably Scala/Java, but Matlab is also possible.
Submitted on :
October 26, 2017