10. Data analysis and route guidance with limited information
Responsable(s) :
Leonardo Bellocchi, Evanthia Kazagli, Nikolas Geroliminis
Description :
Route guidance, Traffic Information Technology, congestion detection have become incontournables objectives for private and common urban mobility. Both if one moves by public transportation or private car she/he wants to know the best and the fastest path to reach her/his destination. Many navigators in commerce propose to follow the shortest path (based on Dijkstra) or, considering online traffic condition, the shortest time paths. One example over all is Google-Map traffic tool. In this project, students will learn to handle with Google maps API to get traffic information and analyze a part of a real urban network. Moreover it will be studied the difference that runs between mobility with limited information and with full information condition. Students will deeply analyze the advantage and disadvantages for both conditions and they will try to design an algorithm for route guidance that consider only a limited information (where limited might mean: restricted to the traffic data relative to neighbors street or limited knowledge of historical data or only sparse data available, etc.).
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Type :
semester project
Submitted on :
August 18, 2016