13. Observing traffic congestion propagation from a macroscopic perspective
Responsable(s) :
Mohammadreza Saeedmanesh, Mikhail Murashkin, Nikolas Geroliminis
Description :
Traffic congestion appears with different shapes and patterns and might propagate in particular directions varying from day to day in urban networks. Research on congestion propagation and spreading in large urban networks still remains challenging due to unpredictability of travel behaviors and high complexity of accurate physical modelling. However, describing the main pockets of congestion in a city with small number of clusters is conceivable, thanks to the spatial correlation of congestion in adjacent roads and its spatiotemporal finite propagation speed. Hence, finding a clustering method to identify homogeneous regions in heterogeneous networks allows us to model spatiotemporal growth of congestion. In this project, we will formulate the problem of finding connected congested parts of networks mathematically and observe how congestion propagates during the peak hours. These findings are important for developing traffic management schemes to make the cities operate in a better conditions.
Collaboration with:
Type :
semester project
Pré-requis :
Some Graph knowledge (Basic) - Familiar with MATLAB coding
Submitted on :
August 18, 2016