8. Feedback perimeter control of large-scale urban networks
Responsable(s) :
Isik Iber Sirmatel, Mohammadreza Saeedmanesh, Nikolas Geroliminis
Description :
Congestion in urban traffic is a substantial problem plaguing the cities of modern society. Researchers and practitioners of transportation turn to methods of automatic control for ensuring efficient and reliable operation of urban road networks. A key concept enabling the development of low-complexity aggregated models of large-scale urban networks is the macroscopic fundamental diagram (MFD), which provides a unimodal, low-scatter, and demand-insensitive relationship between accumulation and trip completion flow of an urban region. Furthermore, actuation via perimeter control garnered recent interest in the literature, which involves manipulating the transfer flows via a set of traffic lights at the border between regions. Building the modeling framework on the MFD concept, in this project we will design feedback controllers for large-scale urban network with actuation via perimeter control. Feedback perimeter control methods from the literature will be studied. Some of these methods will be chosen for implementation, which will be done in MATLAB, via extending existing code for simulation of large-scale urban networks. Performance of the developed controllers will be evaluated via simulations with various scenarios, and compared with existing advanced optimization-based control methods.
Collaboration with:
Type :
semester project
Pré-requis :
Basic knowledge of MATLAB is necessary.
Submitted on :
August 18, 2016