\begin{frame}{Leveraging Public and Open Data for Transportation Mode detection}




\item Modern smartphones are more than just calling devices. They harbor a wealth of information that provides the transportation field with a new potential. In this project, researchers will create a transportation mode detection model based on telecommunication data from smartphone users combined with public transport-related data sources. The researchers are provided with anonymized telecommunication traces. As those data remain scarce, additional data will be identified from external sources including network infrastructure, route maps, time schedules in static or real-time form, microcensus, weather, etc. A probabilistic model will be developed to infer the transportation modes from those various data sources. The project lasts one year, and will be carried out by the Transport and Mobility Laboratory, directed by Prof. Michel Bierlaire. It is sponsored by Swisscom.

\item Sponsor: Swisscom

\item Swisscom

\item September 04, 2017-September 04, 2018