\begin{frame}{Revisiting the Route Choice Problem: A Multi-Level Modeling Framework for Route Choice Analysis Based On Latent Constructs}




\item This project aims at developing behavioral models integrating the latent constructs that drive travel behavior. The objective of the project is to set the foundations of an innovative framework that facilitates the analysis and prediction of route choice behavior. Motivated by the complexity of the route choice models, we build on solid ground of the current state of the art and add on it by proposing a new approach that reduces model complexity and brings great flexibility to the analysis. The approach is inspired by the fact that people break down the complexity of the environment by forming representations of their surrounding space. Following this reasoning, we replace the conventional representation of routes which is based on paths, i.e. link-by-link sequences on the network model, with more aggregate elements that we denote as mental representation items. This key feature of the framework allows us to reduce the complexity of the model and at the same time is more behaviorally realistic.

\item Sponsor: Swiss National Science Foundation

\item Dr. Amanda Stathopoulos, Northwestern University

\item October 01, 2013-September 30, 2016