\begin{frame}{PostCarWorld: A Trans-Discplinary Multi-Dimensional Stimulation}





The goal of this project is to explore the future of mobility through the role of the car. The main originality of this research is to raise the following problem: “What, if the world were a post-car world”. The basic idea is to define a hypothetical situation where the place of the car would have been dramatically reduced and to use qualitative and quantitative simulation methods to examine the consequences of this initial hypothesis. The research is based on the idea that by simulating the future through scenarios we can understand the present better. This project is fully interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary. It brings together social sciences, engineering sciences, urban planning and urban design in six different laboratories associated to three different universities.

The role of TRANSP-OR in this project is to study and optimize an innovative transport system based on accelerated moving walkways (AMW). Differently from constant moving walkways, AMW can reach speeds up to 15km/h thanks to an acceleration section. The project aims to identify the optimal design of a network of AMW using optimization. A network of accelerated moving walkway in a car-free urban environment may present an innovative solution, and this project could delineate the system feasibility.

\item Sponsor: Swiss National Science Foundation

\item December 01, 2013-November 30, 2016