\begin{frame}{myTOSA 2.0 - Enhanced simulation and optimization tool for cost-optimal deployment of TOSA electric buses}




\item The TOSA catenary-free electric bus system is the ABB response to the challenge of decreasing the environmental impact of public transportation. The project builds on the previous CTI project - myTOSA - and it aims to introduce new business analytics features and to improve the fidelity of the simulation and (robust) optimization modules used for a cost-optimal deployment of the TOSA charging infrastructure and component sizing.

\item Sponsor: Commission pour la technologie et de l'innovation, Office F\'ed\'eral de la formation professionnelle et de la technologie.

\item ABB, ABB S\'echeron

\item HES-SO Haute Ecole Sp\'ecialis\'ee de Suisse occ.

\item September 30, 2015-November 16, 2017




\epsfig{figure=MyTosa 2.0.ps,width=\textwidth}