\begin{frame}{Design of a car-free city center: a fringe parking system with accelerated moving walkways}




\item This project is conducted on a fellowship "The EuroTech Postdoc Programme". A car-free city center is a valuable solution for decreasing traffic congestion and CO2 emissions, and improving active mobility and quality of life. To achieve these goals, one of the biggest challenges is the relocation of parking places scattered in the inner district, which cause cruising for available parking as well as car inflows. A possible solution is a “fringe parking” system, which groups parking into a limited number of spots on the border of the district. However, this may decrease the level of accessibility moving the parking away from the final destinations. The key idea of this research is to use “accelerated moving walkway” (AMW), a novel transport system, in combination with a fringe parking system to design a car-free city center with high accessibility. The goal of the research is to propose and identify the optimal configuration of a fringe parking system with AMWs, as a solution to city centers. The main methodologies are network design optimization and traffic assignment.

\item Sponsor: European Commission

\item Constantinos Antoniou (TUM)

\item October 01, 2018-September 30, 2020