\begin{frame}{Air navigation platform: flights planning by using real-time weather data}




\item Flying safer, cheaper, faster are keywords of this new service. This project aims at integrating an automatic route planning system, tightly coupled with the real-time meteorological data, taking into account energy consumption of the mobile device hosting the application. The route will be computed in real time on mobile devices using the information of weather forecast and respecting to the constraints such as airspace/airport restriction and terrain avoidance, etc. The energy efficient implementation of the routing application is crucial, to provide routing information to the pilot during the entire trip. This becomes challenging, as automatic route planning often requires complex algorithms. In this project, we will target at a three-dimensional flight route-planning problem and design an efficient but robust algorithm to solve the problem. The project will last 18 months. It is conducted by TRANSP-OR in collaboration with the Xample S\`arl, ICARE Institut de recherche and Haute Ecole Sp\'ecialis\'ee de Suisse Occidentale (HES-SO).

\item Sponsor: Commission pour la technologie et de l'innovation, Office F\'ed\'eral de la formation professionnelle et de la technologie.

\item Xample S\`arl

\item ICARE Institut de recherche

\item Haute Ecole Sp\'ecialis\'ee de Suisse Occidentale

\item March 02, 2014-September 02, 2015