Transport and Mobility Laboratory: PhD theses



Marija Nikolic
Data-driven fundamental models for pedestrian movements
Committee: Prof. H. Mahmassani (Northwestern University), Prof. S. Hoogendoorn (TU DElft), Prof. Geroliminis (EPFL) Prof. Frossard (chairman), Prof. Bierlaire (thesis director)
Defense: May 05, 2017


Tomáš Robenek
Behaviorally driven train timetable design
Committee: Prof. T. Raviv (Tel Aviv Uiv.), Prof. A. Schöbel (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen), Prof. U. Weidmann (ETHZ), Prof. Beyer (EPFL, chair), Prof. Bierlaire (EPFL)
Defense: December 09, 2016
Flurin Hänseler
Modeling and estimation of pedestrian flows in train stations
Committee: Prof. Lam (Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Prof. Hoogendoorn (TU Delft), Prof. Weidmann (ETHZ), Prof. Geroliminis (chair), Prof. Bierlaire (thesis director)
Defense: March 18, 2016


Antonin Danalet
Activity choice modeling for pedestrian facilities
Committee: Prof. Golay (chair), Prof. Axhausen (ETHZ), Prof. Pereira (DTU), Prof. Shiftan (Technion), Prof. Bierlaire (EPFL)
Defense: December 04, 2015
Last known affiliation: Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE)


Aurélie Glerum
Static and Dynamic Mathematical Models of Behavior
Committee: Prof. Frejinger (U. Montréal), Prof. Walker (UC Berkeley), Prof. Thalmann (EPFL), Prof. Bernier-Latmani (president of the jury), Prof. Bierlaire (thesis director)
Defense: July 14, 2014
Last known affiliation: UBS AG
Nitish Umang
From container terminals to bulk ports: models and algorithms for integrated planning and robust scheduling
Committee: Prof. Bernier-Latmani (president), Prof. J.-F. Cordeau (HEC Montréal), Prof. A. Erera (Georgia Tech), Prof. D. Kuhn (EPFL), Prof. M. Bierlaire (thesis director)
Defense: April 17, 2014
Last known affiliation: General Electric Global Research Center


Bilge Atasoy
Integrated supply-demand models for the optimization of flexible transportation systems
Co-supervisor: Matteo Salani
Committee: Prof. Cynthia Barnhart (MIT), Prof. François Soumis (Polytechnique Montréal), Prof. François Maréchal (EPFL), Prof. Philippe Thalmann (EPFL, President), Prof. Bierlaire (EPFL, supervisor), Dr. Salani (IDSIA, co-supervisor)
Defense: November 22, 2013
Last known affiliation: Postdoc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Ma.
Jingmin Chen
Modeling route choice behavior using smartphone data
Committee: Prof. Bierlaire (supervisor), Prof. Frejinger (KTH Stockholm), Prof. Hess (president), Prof. Pereira (U. Coimbra), Prof. Vandergheynst (EPFL),
Defense: January 25, 2013
Last known affiliation:


Ricardo Hurtubia
Discrete choice and microsimulation methods for agent-based land use modeling
Committee: Prof. Mountford (chairman), Prof. Bierlaire (thesis director), Prof. Axhausen (ETHZ), Prof. Martinez (U. Chile), Prof. de Palma (ENS Cachan)
Defense: November 02, 2012
Last known affiliation: Professor, University of Chile


Javier Cruz
Model-based Behavioural Tracking and Scale Invariant Features in Omnidirectional Matching
Co-supervisor: Prof. Jean-Philippe Thiran
Committee: Prof. Cavallero (Queen Mary U. of London, UK), Prof. Macq (U. Catholique de Louvain, Belgium), Dr. Bogdanova (EPFL), Prof. Thiran (thesis director), Prof. Bierlaire (thesis director), Dr. Vesin (president)
Defense: September 30, 2011
Last known affiliation: Cisco, Switzerland
Thomas Robin
New challenges in disaggregate behavioral modeling: emotions, investments and mobility.
Committee: Dr. G. Antonini (IBM Research), Dr. S. Hess (U. of Leeds, UK), Prof. J.-Ph. Thiran (EPFL), Prof. Mountford (president), Prof. M. Bierlaire (thesis director)
Defense: May 27, 2011
Last known affiliation: Loterie Romande
Ilaria Vacca
Container terminal management: integrated models and large-scale optimization algorithms
Co-supervisor: Dr. Matteo Salani, IDSIA, Lugano
Committee: Prof. M. Christiansen (NTNU, Norway), Prof. G. Speranza (U. Brescia, Italy), Prof. N. Geroliminis (EPFL), Prof. F. Eisenbrand (EPFL), Dr. M. Salani (IDSIA), Prof. M. Bierlaire (EPFL)
Defense: February 04, 2011
Last known affiliation: Senior Consultant at SAS (Rome, Italy)


Carolina Osorio Pizano
Mitigating network congestion: analytical models, optimization methods and their applications
Committee: J. Barcelo (UPC), M. Bierlaire (EPFL), A. Odoni (MIT), P. Thiran (EPFL)
Defense: April 16, 2010
Last known affiliation: Professor, Dpt. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Ma.


Niklaus Eggenberg
Combining robustness and recovery for airline schedules
Committee: C. Barnhart (MIT), M. Bierlaire (EPFL), Th. Liebling (EPFL), F. Margot (CMU)
Defense: December 11, 2009
Last known affiliation: APM Technologies, Geneva


Emma Frejinger
Route choice analysis: data, models, algorithms and applications
Winner of two prestigious prizes in 2008: Dissertation Prize of the Transportation Science & Logistics Society of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) and the Eric Pas Dissertation Prize from the International Association for Travel Behaviour Research (IATBR)
Committee: M. Bierlaire (EPFL), M. Ben-Akiva (MIT), P. Bovy (TU Delft), Th. Liebling (EPFL), Th. Mountford (EPFL)
Defense: April 30, 2008
Last known affiliation: Professor, Université de Montréal


Ivan Spassov
Algorithms for map-aided autonomous indoor pedestrian positioning and navigation
Co-supervisor: Prof. B. Merminod, TOPO, EPFL.
Committee: M. Bierlaire (EPFL), A.-G. Dumont (EPFL), N.-E. El Faouzi (INRETS, Lyon), B. Merminod (EPFL), Th. Mountford (EPFL), M. Wieser (U. Graz, Austria)
Defense: November 23, 2007
Last known affiliation: RLJ Ingénieurs Conseils s.a., Lausanne
Michaël Thémans
Numerical methods and models relevant to transportation applications
Committee: M. Bierlaire (EPFL), Th. Liebling (EPFL),Th. Mountford (EPFL), A. Sartenaer (FUNDP), N. Zufferey (U. Laval, Québec)
Defense: August 24, 2007
Last known affiliation: Deputy of the Vice-President, EPFL


Gianluca Antonini
A discrete choice modeling framework for pedestrian walking behavior with application to human tracking in video sequences
IATBR's Eric Pas Dissertation Prize 2005 - Honorable Mention
Co-supervisor: Prof. J.-Ph. Thiran, ITS, EPFL
Committee: M. Ben-Akiva (MIT), M. Bierlaire (EPFL), A. Cavallaro (UCL), R. Siegwart (EPFL), J-Ph. Thiran (EPFL)
Defense: December 16, 2005
Last known affiliation: IBM Research, Rushlikon, Switzerland
Rodrigue Oeuvray
Trust-region methods based on radial basis functions with applications to biomedical imaging
Committee: M. Bierlaire (EPFL), A. Conn (IBM), Th. Liebling (EPFL), A. Sartenaer (FUNDP), M. Unser (EPFL)
Defense: May 19, 2005
Last known affiliation: Pictet Swiss Private Banking, Geneva, Switzerland


Frank Crittin
New algorithmic methods for real-time transportation problems
Committee: M. Bierlaire (EPFL), M. Ben-Akiva (MIT), D. Bonvin (EPFL), Th. Liebling (EPFL), K. Nagel (ETHZ)
Defense: December 12, 2003
Last known affiliation: International Financial Products

In progress

Evanthia Kazagli
Aggregate route choice models
Committee: Prof. O. Nielsen (DTU), Prof. G. Floetteroed (KTH), Prof. N. Geroliminis (EPFL). Prof. A. Nussbaumer (chair), Prof. M. Bierlaire (thesis director)
Anna Fernandez Antolin
Characterization of demand models with applications in the electric vehicles market
Stefan Binder
Delay propagation in railway scheduling
Iliya Markov
Vehicle and inventory routing problems with stochastic demand
Co-supervisor: Prof. Sacha Varone
Committee: Prof. J.-F. Cordeau (HEC Montréal), Prof. G. Speranza (Uni. Brescia), Prof. D. Kuhn (EPFL), Prof. C. Fivet (chair), Prof. S. Varone (thesis director), Prof. M. Bierlaire (thesis director)
Stefano Moret
Strategic energy planning under uncertainty
Co-supervisor: François Maréchal
Committee: Prof. A. Faaji (Univ. Groningen), Prof. Th. Kreutz (Princeton), Prof. D. Kuhn (EPFL), Prof. F. Maréchal (thesis director), Prof. M. Bierlaire (thesis director), Prof. J. Schiffmann (chair).
Meritxell Pacheco
Demand-based discrete optimization
Nicholas Molyneaux
Dynamic management polices for transportation hubs


  • Transportation Research
  • Operations Research
  • Discrete Choice Models


Modeling, optimization, simulation