Transport and Mobility Laboratory: Master theses


  • Jean-Baptiste Landes, Section Civil Engineering, Plan directeur du triangle ferroviaire Clermont-Ferrand – Gannat – St.-Germain-des-Fossés Expert: Benoît Descourvières, Period: 17/09/2017-18/01/2017
  • Jérôme Bichsel, Section Civil Engineering, Organisation d'un interface rail-route en Valais Central Expert: Pascal Bovey, Period: 20/02/2017-31/07/2017
  • Salma Deruiche, Section Civil Engineering, Demand based rolling stock allocation Expert: Simon Landureau, Period: 20/02/2017-16/06/2017
  • Martin Ellwanger, Section Civil Engineering, Clip-Air-Rail - Capsules et gabarits ferroviaires Expert: Thomas Bernet, Period: 20/02/2017-31/07/2017
  • Alexis Gumy, Section Civil Engineering, Dynamiques de la grande mobilité Expert: V. Kaufmann, E. Ravalet, Sebastien Munafo, Period: 20/02/2017-16/06/2017
  • Christophe Paillard, Section Mathematics, Concurrence sur les marchés automobiles européens: une approche par la modélisation de la demande Expert: Antonin Danalet, Period: 20/02/2017-16/06/2017
  • Mathieu Plourde, Section Civil Engineering, Modeling Heterogeneity of Drivers Route Choice Behavior in Quebec Expert: Charisma Choudhury, Period: 20/02/2017-16/06/2017
  • Marc-Edouard Schultheiss, Section Civil Engineering, Integrating Bicycle Travel Demand to a Land-Use and Transport Model Expert: Christopher Zegras, Period: 20/02/2017-16/06/2017
  • Elisabeth Zbinden, Section Civil Engineering, Passenger's Connection Time Preferences in Airline Itinerary Choice Expert: Laurie Garrow, Period: 20/02/2017-16/06/2017
  • Federico Orsini, Information system for passenger discretionary activities in transport terminals Expert: Riccardo Rossi, Period: 15/09/2016-28/02/2017
  • Raphaël Lüthi, Analysis, tuning, hybridization and design of experiments for an adaptive large neighborhood search (ALNS) heuristic for a complex inventory routing problem Expert: , Period: 22/02/2016-24/06/2016
  • Anna-Katharina Clodong, Section Civil Engineering, Discrete choice model for the automobile market: modeling willingness-to-pay for marginal and non marginal changes in car attributes Expert: , Period: 10/02/2016-10/06/2016
  • Takao Dantsuji, Section Civil Engineering, Disaggregate modeling of vehicle-miles traveled: what about users of alternative-fuel vehicles? Expert: , Period: 15/09/2015-01/02/2016
  • Guillaume Lopez, Section Civil Engineering, Decision making for human resource training and allocation Expert: , Period: 15/09/2015-01/02/2016
  • Ulrich Wehres, Section Civil Engineering, Robust Design of a Single Line Electrical Bus Expert: , Period: 15/09/2015-01/02/2016
  • Frédéric Rast, Section Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Towards Solar Decathlon: evaluation of different mobility scenarios Expert: Philippe Couty, Period: 14/09/2015-15/01/2016
  • Baillif Maurin, Section Civil Engineering, Modeling consideration and willingness-to-pay for electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in car renewal Expert: Yves Delacrétaz, Period: 16/02/2015-20/07/2015
  • Loïc Tinguely, Section Civil Engineering, Exploiting pedestrian WiFi traces for destination choice modeling Expert: Andres Sevtsuk, Period: 16/02/2015-17/07/2015
  • Guilhem Pujol, Optimization of arrivals and departure ow management at congested airports Expert: , Period: 15/09/2014-31/03/2015
  • Bastien Rojanawisut, Section Mathematics, Optimisation of the network design of a futuristic transport system based on accelerated moving walkways Expert: Sacha Varone, Period: 15/09/2014-16/01/2015
  • Amélie Buisson, Section Civil Engineering, Individual activity-travel analysis based on smartphone WiFi data Expert: Dr Francisco Pereira, Period: 17/02/2014-20/06/2014
  • Guy Cooper, Section Mathematics, A multi-class framework for a pedestrian cell transmission model accounting for population heterogeneity Expert: , Period: 17/02/2014-20/06/2014
  • Pierre de Pommerol, Section Civil Engineering, Development And Implementation Of A Decision Making Tool In Quality Control Networks Using Quantitative System Modeling Techniques Expert: Prof. Nicolas Zufferey, Period: 17/02/2014-20/06/2014
  • Alexis Dubil, Section Civil Engineering, Development of a urban distribution model and a strategic decision making tool for Singapore’s freight transport planning Expert: Der Horng Lee, Period: 17/02/2014-20/06/2014
  • Michael Friederich , Section Civil Engineering, Mode Choice Analysis Using Smartphone Data Expert: , Period: 17/02/2014-20/06/2014
  • Billal Mahoubi, Section Civil Engineering, Exploring approaches to model financial decisions Expert: , Period: 17/02/2014-20/06/2014
  • Ilias Nafai, Section Civil Engineering, TBD Expert: Ulrich Weidmann, Period: 17/02/2014-20/06/2014
  • Isabel Tovar, Section Civil Engineering, Optimisation des tournées de ramassage des employés de l'aéroport de Genève Expert: Philippe Quaglia, Aéroport international de Genève, Period: 17/02/2014-20/06/2014
  • Maëlle Zimmerman, Section Mathematics, TBD Expert: Emma Frejinger, Period: 17/02/2014-20/06/2014
  • Silvia Francesca Varotto, How perceptions affect the modal choice? A cross country comparison from a gender oriented point of view Expert: , Period: 01/03/2013-31/05/2013
  • Stefan Binder, Section Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Associations among Household Charasteristics, Vehicle Characteristics and Emission Failures: An Application of Targeted Marketing Data Expert: Laurie Garrow, GeorgiaTech, Period: 17/09/2012-12/02/2013
  • Frédéric Pythoud, Section Mathematics, Optimization of an electric bus network Expert: Olivier Augé, ABB, Period: 17/09/2012-11/01/2013
  • François Anken, Section Mathematics, MEETAWAY: Connecting People Optimally Expert: Pedro Faustino , Period: 20/02/2012-06/07/2012
  • Mahmoud Kharouf, Section Civil Engineering, A two-stage sequential linear programming approach to optimize security staff at Geneva Airport Expert: Vincent-Ruben Jimenez, Period: 20/02/2012-06/07/2012
  • My Hang Nguyen, Section Civil Engineering, Mode choice models for the city of Nice using psychometric indicators and latent variables Expert: Valérie Attas, Veolia, Period: 20/02/2012-30/07/2012
  • Jeanne Ythier, Section Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Activity space and social network Expert: Prof. Joan Walker, Period: 20/02/2012-06/07/2012
  • Tomas Robenek, Integrated berth allocation and yard assignment in bulk ports using column generation Expert: , Period: 01/02/2012-18/06/2012 (Student from DTU, Lyngby, Denmark)
  • Sohrab Sahaleh, Section Civil Engineering, Pedestrian flow simulation and optimization in transportation hubs (case study) Expert: Prof. Winnie Daamen, Period: 20/09/2011-17/02/2012
  • Lidija Stankovikj, Section Mathematics, Hybrid choice models: an application to automobile demand Expert: , Period: 20/09/2011-17/02/2012
  • Laurene Aigrain, Section Civil Engineering, Mobility in the Middle East Expert: Prof. John Polak, Period: 21/02/2011-24/06/2011 (Done at Imperial College, London, UK)
  • Youssef Mezdani, Section Civil Engineering, An analysis of Singapore's road pricing system using Multi-agent transport simulations Expert: Dr. Alexander Erath, Period: 21/02/2011-24/06/2011 (Done at the ETHZ Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore)
  • Aurélien Odobert, Section Civil Engineering, The urban development effects of a metro line extension : western arm of the Orange Line from Montreal to Laval Expert: Prof. Zachary Patterson, Period: 21/02/2011-24/06/2011 (Done at Concordia University, Montréal, Canada)
  • Sabine Luisier, Section Mathematics, The modeling of the investors behavior Expert: Dr. Frank Crittin, LODH, Period: 21/09/2010-21/01/2011
  • Ines Azaiez, Section Mathematics, Sampling of alternatives for logit mixture models Expert: Prof. Ben-Akiva, MIT, Period: 22/02/2010-23/07/2010 (Done at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Laetitia Bettex, Section Civil Engineering, Analyse des relations entre la forme urbaine, l'accessibilité aux transports en commun et la mobilité quotidienne des habitants de la ville de Québec, Canada Expert: Luis Miranda-Moreno, McGill University, Canada , Period: 22/02/2010-23/07/2010 (Done at McGill University, Montréal, Canada)
  • Alexandre Khelifa, Section Civil Engineering, Blind Booking Purchase Patterns: discrete choice analysis Expert: Prof. Laurie Garrow, Georgia Tech., Period: 22/02/2010-23/07/2010 (Done at the Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Julien Eberle, Section Computer science, Balancing Energy Consumption and Location Precision in Continuous Location Tracking Expert: Gian Paolo Perrucci, Period: 20/02/2010-20/08/2010
  • Peter G. Swartz, Section Civil Engineering, Modeling for Strategic Robustness Expert: Prof. Christopher Zegras, MIT, Period: 10/02/2010-23/07/2010 (Done at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Aurélie Glérum, Section Mathematics, Application of Markov Decision Processes to pipeline data Expert: Gianluca Antonini, Period: 15/09/2009-03/02/2010 (Done at the IBM Zurich Research Lab)
  • Willem Himpe, Combining heterogeneous sensor information for the activity tracking of smart phone users Expert: Prof. Ben Immers, Dr. Chris Tampere, Period: 15/09/2009-14/06/2010 (Erasmus student from KU Leuven)
  • Antonin Danalet, Section Mathematics, An Empirical Investigation of the Determinants of Attention to Attributes in Choice Experiments Expert: Prof. Ricardo Scarpa, Period: 16/02/2009-19/06/2009 (Done at the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand)
  • Alexandre de Tenorio, Section Communication Systems, Comparative Study of CLIP-AIR's Multimodal Performance Expert: François Bouteiller, Baboo, Period: 16/02/2009-19/06/2009
  • Medhi-Seyed Tavakoli, Section Civil Engineering, Experiences des moyens de transport et choix modal Expert: Dr Christophe Jemelin, Period: 16/02/2009-19/06/2009
  • Atoosa Kasirzadeh, Simulation and optimization in container terminals Expert: -, Period: 19/01/2009-15/06/2009 (Student from KTH, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Carol Kirchhofer, Section Mathematics, Implementation of attribute strategies in advanced discrete choice models Expert: Dr. John Rose, Period: 15/09/2008-03/02/2009 (Done at the University of Sydney, Australia )
  • Lorenza Santini, Section Mathematics, Extending the framework for MEV discrete choice models Expert: Mogens Fosgerau, Period: 15/09/2008-03/02/2009 (Done at the Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen)
  • Arnaud Vandaele, Measures of congestion in container terminals Expert: , Period: 18/02/2008-20/06/2008 (Student from the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, Belgium)
  • Marine Vidaud, Section Civil Engineering, Dynamic Traffic Assignment in Lausanne Expert: Michaël Mahut, Period: 18/02/2008-20/06/2008 (Done at the Centre des Transports de l'Université de Montréal)
  • Nicolas Anken, Section Mathematics, Gestion optimale de l'espace dans un système d'entreposage et distribution Expert: Angel Ruiz, Université Laval, Québec, Period: 18/09/2007-18/02/2008 (Done at Université Laval, Québec)
  • Fanny Gillieron, Section Mathematics, Optimization of road traffic counts location Expert: Prof. Jaime Bacerlo, UPC, Barcelona, Spain, Period: 18/09/2007-18/02/2008 (Done at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelon, Spain)
  • Lefteris Samartzis, Section Mathematics, Modélisation de Bruxelles avec UrbanSIM Expert: Sylvie Gayda, STRATEC, Period: 23/10/2006-23/02/2007
  • Sabina Schneider, Section Mathematics, Validation d'un modèle de mouvement de piétons Expert: Gianluca Antonin, IBM Research Zürich, Period: 23/10/2006-23/02/2007
  • Marjorie Benz, Section Mathematics, Customer Centric Revenue Management Expert: Daniel Rueda, OpenPricer, Period: 16/10/2006-16/02/2007
  • Flaminio Cadlini, Field experiment on the willingness of the umployed to accept a job, with a mixed logit estimation Expert: Prof. Rico Maggi, USI, Period: 15/03/2006-27/09/2007 (Postgrade en statistique, université de Neuchatel)
  • Gianni Farini, Section Mathematics, Développement d'une étude de cas pour l'analyse des comportements par modèles de choix discrets Expert: Teghem J., Polytech. Mons, Belgique, Period: 01/02/2006-30/06/2006
  • Lionel Dumartheray, Section Mathematics, Degenerate nonlinear constrained programming Expert: Prof. Th. Liebling (EPFL - IMA - ROSO), Period: 16/10/2005-24/02/2006
  • Alexander Scheidegger, Section Mathematics, Energy management optimization for a solar vehicle Expert: Liebling Th. M., EPFL-ROSO, Period: 15/10/2005-24/02/2006
  • Frédéric Mivelaz, Section Mathematics, Utilisation des modèles d'utilité pour évaluer la valeur du temps Expert: Rico Maggi, Uni. Lugano, Period: 15/10/2004-17/02/2005


  • Transportation Research
  • Operations Research
  • Discrete Choice Models


Modeling, optimization, simulation

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