EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics

Special issue: City Logistics

Guest editors: Teodor Gabriel Crainic and Dominique Feillet

  • Deadline to submit manuscripts: July 15, 2013
  • Publication date: September 01, 2014

Urban distribution has emerged in the last two decades as an important concern for many cities, freight carriers, logistics service providers, retailers, and citizens. Many new forms of distribution and freight transportation organization and management have been proposed and sometimes experimented to adapt to new expectations of citizens and new collective goals of urban sustainable development. Compared to traditional schemes, many new challenges appear for the Operational Research community, including, but not limited to

  • the numerous new forms of urban freight transportation that should be explored and evaluated,
  • the development of appropriate planning models and methods for City Logistics systems,
  • the integration of City Logistics into the planning of urban transportation networks,
  • the major opportunities offered by telematics (Intelligent Transportation Systems technology) to better organize and manage the traffic,
  • the way sustainability can be better integrated into decisions.

The aim of this special issue is to report on new models and insights on the application of OR to City Logistics. Papers that take special care of practical considerations (e.g., availibility of data, stakeholder objectives, new rules in cities..) and that tend to provide a generic understanding of the challenges raised by City Logistics will be particularly appreciated.

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