Optimization: principles and algorithms, by Michel Bierlaire
chap23 Directory Reference


file  dijkstra.m [code]
 Algorithm 23.2: Dijkstra.
file  enumeratePaths.m [code]
 Enumerate all simple paths between two nodes.
file  runDijkstra.m [code]
 Run to illustrate Dijkstra's algortihm (Table 23.4)
file  runEnumeratePaths.m [code]
 Run to illustrate the path enumeration algorithm (Table 23.1)
file  runPert.m [code]
 Run to illustrate the use of longest path for PERT (Section 23.4 of [1].
file  runShortestPath.m [code]
 Run to illustrate the shortest path algorithm (Table 23.2)
file  shortestPath.m [code]
 Algorithm 23.1: shortest paths.
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