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circulationDecomposition.m File Reference

Algorithm 21.2: circulation decomposition. More...

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function circulationDecomposition (in adj, in circ)
 Decompose a circulation into simple cycle flows. More...

Detailed Description

Algorithm 21.2: circulation decomposition.

Implementation of algorithm 21.2 of [1]

Tested with runCirculationDecomposition.m
Calls simpleCycle
Called by flowDecomposition
Michel Bierlaire
Sun Mar 29 17:16:14 2015

Definition in file circulationDecomposition.m.

Function Documentation

function circulationDecomposition ( in  adj,
in  circ 

Decompose a circulation into simple cycle flows.

adjthe adjacency matrix of the network. It is a $m \times m$ matrix, such that the element at row i and column j corresponds to the id of the arc (i,j). The numbering should be from 1 to n.
circthe circulation flow
simpleCycleFlows a matrix with as many columns as arcs, and as many rows as simple cycles in the decomposition
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